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Marketing is the indispensible vehicle for promoting the brand, increase brand visibility and enhancing brand recall. To survive in this cut throat competition, retailers are implementing various marketing strategies. This section deals with such topics.

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‘Returns’ are inevitable in e-commerce. As per industry data, the return rates follows between 30 to 40% of the merchandise that have been purchased online. However, in the case of fashion and lifestyle the returns could be even higher. Though, there could be many reasons for ‘returns’ but the most common reason

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Experiential retail is just not about splurging on fancy gadget and deck up the store. This might help a bit, but what really creates a difference is personalized shopping experience and provide an unparalleled retail experience for your customer. Following are few case studies demonstrating evolution of retail stores which can

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‘Customer’ is the prime focus for any CEO; however, the challenge lies in imparting new experiences everytime. Moreover, customers’ expectations are continuously resetting may be by competitors or themselves. Retail worldwide is going through a radical change and we are witnessing the dawn of new technologies such as

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From assisting you with your make up to choosing the right size and colour of an apparel, Chat Bots are the new personal assistants millennials depend on. With mostly shopping shifting from malls to mobiles, Chat Bots are replacing sales executives and doing much more. They are convenient, personalized and enhance shopping experiences,

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Customer perception is key in branding. You can work hard to make your brand appear a certain way to the world, but if customers aren’t buying it, none of your branding efforts matter.    

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Digital influencers are the new breed of marketers who have brought 360 degree shift in traditional approach adopted by brands when it comes to brand promotion. Purchasing decision of customers is influenced by many factors; accordingly brands decide on their marketing strategy. With changing time the mode of marketing is also

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Online reviews influence sales Digital media has come a long way from personal to professional changes. These days the presence of the brand and the content that they share in the website or digitally is becoming increasingly important. “The digital reviews now are providing a platform for millions of consumers to share

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If tech-enabled shopping was all about convenience, a new batch of IoT powered vending machines are taking conveniences to a whole new level. From a cup of coffee to your monthly need of groceries, you can now order your needs on an app and pick up from a vending machine near you. Vending machines are the new ‘intelligent

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Mumbai: The company is focusing on major metros along with keeping its eye on potential of tier I and II markets for the future retail expansion. Banglore based multi-brand retailer William Penn, offering writing instruments, premium stationary and accessories, is riding high on its retail expansion with partnering with leading

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Moving past tier I cities, the future of retail sector is said to be shining bright in the corners of tier II and tier III cities. In an interesting revelation, last year (between 2006 and 2017) these smaller cities received a whopping $6,192 million in investments, while the bigger tier I cities received as less as $1,295 million.

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India is ranked in the biggest retail markets in the world in terms of economic value. It has become the 3rd largest economy (in terms of GDP) in the world in terms of consumerism and will hit the target of $600 Billion. The small retail stores contribute the highest in this number and will surely grow in the future. The advent of the

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India is a hub of FMCG brands. There are huge national and multinational brands catering their products to millions of people and generating immense capital. The biggest player in the market is ITC. The market capitalization value of the brand is INR 256,769 Crores. The next on this list are HUL, Nestle (India), Godrej, Glaxo

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Creativity is the essence of your brand but not branding. Both the words ‘brand’ and branding’ are remotely related. It is your creativity that will prepare a new and unique design of clothes. Basically, your talent is the part to create the products. After this, all the actions related to marketing strategies,

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You must have allocated your time, money, and energy in establishing and promoting your entrepreneurial venture. You have invested in erecting a retail outlet with products, ads, and other accessories. You must expect a higher conversion of leads to buyers to make your venture fruitful. Every single sale counts for a business. It is

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Your most important customers – those who give you maximum business or profit – should be treated with care. You must pay close attention to their needs and give special attention when it comes to customer care. Here’s a business truth: every customer is important. Every customer has the potential to give you a

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