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Marketing is the indispensible vehicle for promoting the brand, increase brand visibility and enhancing brand recall. To survive in this cut throat competition, retailers are implementing various marketing strategies. This section deals with such topics.

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Packaging is everywhere and is fueled by a relentlessly increasing population and globally escalating consumption patterns. In fact, Packaging strikes the very first pact between a brand owner and the customer. Over the years the role of packaging has evolved much beyond just containing and preserving the product. Before I discuss

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The two major factors of brand-specific association are perceived quality and emotional value. “Emotional value” denotes the value associated with individual customer’s emotions towards the products or the feeling of pleasure they get from purchasing or by using a brand’s products. “Perceived

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Nowadays more or less all reputed brands are selling through the online platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Wayfair, Overstock etc. which have made buying so easy for people sitting at home. Consumers enjoy a vast choice about how to buy, what to buy and from whom to buy. So it’s really a great challenge to the brands to run

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The era of digitization has revealed the importance of data, which is pushing more and more retailers towards a customer-centric approach. Technology has not only improved the quality of information available to the consumers but packaging and delivery mechanisms as well, helping improve product reach internationally. Thus, in an

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India's e-commerce sector was worth about $3.9 billion in 2009. Now, this sector is expected to grow by 17% in gross merchandise value (GMV) at $38.5 billion during the financial year 2018, as per NASSCOM’s outlook for the year. There were also predictions that the brick and mortar stores would fail once the ecommerce sites

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Implementing digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotic process automation can resolve inefficiencies in our current trade finance system, and make the process efficient at the bank’s, buyer’s, seller’s, as well as the SME’s/MSME’s end, noted a

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These days percentage of shoppers shopping online and offline are equally devided. When we talk about online, it does not necessarily means e-commerce sites, with growing influence of social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram amongst others are emerging as a few platform to sell their products and services. Such

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Today, technology has impacted the way every business model works. It is helping businesses evolve at a greater speed and direct selling Industry is no exception to it. Direct selling is one of the oldest & simplest product distribution systems prevailing in India. In this system, companies appointcommon individuals, called as

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With the overwhelming development in the e-commerce market, the retail industry is always on its toes, keeping up with competition. In this experience driven world – on the forefront are speed, consistency and optimization;the elementary blocks that add up to a great customer experience. Rivalry is simply fierce; businesses and

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India’s E- commerce and retail industry has witnessed a massive breakthrough in the last five years. It has evolved from a product-oriented industry to a service and experiential industry, with the customer at the core of its operations. Today, every retailer isout to woo the customers from their competition. E-commerce players

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Earlier the relevant part of data used to be volume, velocity and variety. By and large, the retailers use to put focus on the volume of data and the speed. However, with changing time the focus has been shifted on ‘Varsity’ of data. Retailers need to keep in mind that all data is not good data. The value of data makes

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Retail entrepreneurship could be a wonderful opportunity for any business enthusiast. There are several ways to become retail entrepreneur franchising is one of them. It is model which gives you an opportunity to own proprietorship, whether it’s an ecommerce shop or brick-and-mortar store, and have complete independence but with

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Retail business is no more limited to opening and running stores, businessmen have come up with various modes of interacting with other companies and reaching out to the customer base. The Indian retail industry accounts for over 10 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8 per cent of the

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Personalisation has always been important in retail.Today personalization remains as important as ever, but the way it’s delivered is constantly evolving. Customers now have the option to browse their favourite stores online, at their convenience, across multiple devices, instead of taking a trip to their nearest high-street.

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Not only India, worldwide, the traditional retail has been hit by mammoth growth of e-commerce. Over the years the retailers have set the way about how consumers shop from their retail shops. However, now the there is a tremendous shift from the traditional approach due to transformation brought in by smartphones, arise of social media

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