3 fiercest twitter spats between some eCommerce giants worth reading!

Here are three of the most intense eCommerce spats that happened over the last one year on twitter.

eCommerce in India, as we all know, has went ahead to be way more than just a new way of shopping. It has become WARFARE. But who is this war between and why? It is understandable that every industry has competition within and every business aims at being a stalwart in its vertical. Competition is good, but rivalry… I don’t think so! Looking at some of recently happened spats between country’s leading online retailers, the well-known phrase should be altered to something like … With great competition comes fierce Rivalry!

The online-offline war is no news now and the battle has been transited to the ‘online-online war’. But here the question comes that is it just limited to Snapdeal vs Flipkart? Is it Indian retailers’ vs foreign market? Is it the marketplace model vs the inventory-led model, or is fear of the overall downfall of the market?

These online retailers have often grappled their peers on various social media platforms with some cheeky posts trolling each other. Here are three of the most intense eCommerce spats that happened over the last one year on twitter:

Sachin Bansal (Flipkart) vs Kunal Bahl (Snapdeal)
It was a pleasant Friday evening of March, when the founders of two of country’s leading eCommerce portals Flipkart and Snapdeal escalated their business rivalry one step further over the entry of Alibaba in India. Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal taking a dig at its rivals tweeted, “Alibaba deciding to start operations directly shows how badly their Indian investments have done so far.”

Soon after his tweet, Snapdeal’s co-founder sardonically shot back tweeting, “Didn't Morgan Stanley just flush 5 billion worth market cap in Flipkart down the toilet. Focus on your business, not commentary.”

This was not the first time they had a spat on twitter. Last year Flikpart’s Executive Chairman Sachin Bansal took a dig at its counterpart saying India should not be blamed for the latter's failure to hire ‘great engineers’. The tweet was a sarcastic take against the backdrop of a report where Snapdeal co-founder Rohit Bansal was quoted as saying, “If you think about the landscape in India, not too many product companies got built here.”

Flipkart vs Amazon India
This time it was Reddit India that ignited the fire by posting a picture of Flipkart office with an Amazon delivery package in the corner. Reddit India tweeted the picture saying, “Even @Flipkart Orders from @Amazon! Soon after the tweet, Flipkart bounced back with a fierce reply that read, “@Redditindia We recycled said packaging as our reception’s dustbin.”

Reddit India, poking Amazon again tweeted, “@Flipkart Shots fired. @Amazon, your move :D” and this time Amazon nailed it with a witty tweet saying, “@redditindia There is a bit of Amazon in every eCommerce company. #JustSaying” This time Flipkart had no cards to play hence in order to put an end to the spice it tweeted, “We’ll drink to that.”

Amazon vs Zomato
No doubt this is an era of ambush marketing and eRetailers are not leaving any chance to troll their counterparts. Amazon in it’s another cheeky series of tweets tried to elf Zomato’s incessant logo design changes, but what happened was hilarious!

Taking a dig at Zomato, Amazon India tweeted, “@Zomato Loved all the logos you used in the last 6 months. Was #AurDikho the brief to your designer” Zomato in return posted a picture mimicking Amazon’s logo and wrote, “You should’ve seen the ones that didn’t make the cut”

Suddenly who stepped into the troll-roll was eBay India with its tongue-in-cheek tweet along with a picture that read, 2 crore+ products #AurDikhao, 3 crore+ products #AurDikhao.

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