Amazon acquires Shoefitr

With an intention to boost online sales in fashion segment, eCommerce giant Amazon has silently made another acquisition. The company has acquired a Pittsburg-based start-up called Shoefitr.
Amazon acquires Shoefitr

Amazon, the eCommerce giant is getting bigger with yet another acquisition. To boost online sales in fashion segment, Amazon has acquired a Pittsburg-based start-up called Shoefitr. Shoefitr has developed a 3D technology to help match online shoppers with shoes that will fit them better.

Shoefitr is likely to be relocated to Amazon’s Seattle HQ. The company was started in 2010 by a group of former college athletes. Shoefitr’s business has reached beyond United States and has customers in other countries.

Buying online shoes is still not a great experience and so this acquisition can be a smart move by Amazon. Shoefitr’s technology has a direct effect on the consumers and it has successfully been able to decrease the number of shoe returns to 20 per cent for the business that have implemented its technology.

The question of how Amazon is going to utilise this new acquisition is still unanswered. It is assumed that Amazon might imply that technology on its main website or into Zappos subsidiary or both.  Also unclear is whether Shoefitr will continue serving its existing customers including Nordstrom, Cole Haan, REI and others.

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