CaptainKYSO to raise $200,000 to expand presence

E-community built around t-shirts designed by international designers,CaptainKYSO is in talks to raise $200,000 to expand its presence and beef up its technology.
CaptainKYSO to raise $200,000 to expand presence
CaptainKYSO, an e-community built around t-shirts designed by international designers, is in talks to raise $200,000 (around Rs 1.3 crore) to expand its presence and beef up its technology. Founded in 2012, CaptainKYSO (Keep Your Shirt On) was started by Shivam Shah and it works with over 135 international artists from countries like Mexico, Indonesia, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US), Germany, Nepal and Iran among others.
"We work with international artists and monetize their art work and pay them royalty for the use of their work," explains Shah, CEO of CaptainKYSO. "Some of these artists who work with us have designed for brands like Nike and Nokia," he said.
Shah said the company is in talks with angel investors to raise a pre-series A funding of $200,000. The funding will be used to beef up its technology and importing high-end digital printing machines from Europe which would help the company maintain zero inventory and accept large product orders. "While right now, the whole process of printing and shipping takes around 30-45 days, with the new machines we can bring the time down to 10 days," Shah explains. The company's distribution office is currently based in Kolkata, while the production takes place in the textile hub of Tirupur (Coimbatore).
CaptainKYSO, which currently does only t-shirts, will also expand to designing mobile covers, high quality art prints, apparel, etc.
Currently, the company claims to ship close to 350 products a day and caters to almost 10,500 orders a month, making a revenue of around Rs 47.25 lakhs a month. According to Shah, around 40% of the orders are from foreign countries like Australia, Alaska, the US and UK.
"Once we get the supply chain and back-end sorted, we would also look at retail presence where we plan to set up smaller spaces to display our product in retail spaces," Shah said adding that the company will target markets like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The company aims to set up small kiosks in the malls in these cities starting early next year.
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