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Holding several shopping bags and moving from one store to the other is pass, online shopping is the latest fad. Read further to know why…

Gone are the days where shopping could take an entire day and leave the shopper tired and haggard. Retailers find an innovative concept through online shopping, which not only makes shopping easier but also fun and more attractive. India today stands third in online shopping network after Singapore and Hong Kong. The numbers are ever increasing and in the last quarter, the average online spending by Indian customers rose by 42 per cent. The reasons for online shopping becoming the latest fad among consumers are mentioned below: 

Cost efficient: 
Online shopping at times is cheaper than shopping at regular high street stores since online retailers enjoy the benefit of lower trading costs and avoid the over bearing costs of rentals.  

No geographical limits: 
Online shopping has no geographical limits since one may purchase any merchandise from across the world. All retailers, be it, Fendi or Gucci, Burberry or Victoria’s Secret, all have online shopping verticals available for international clients along with their national clientele. 

Wider choice:
By shopping online the consumer can avail the opportunity to choose from an array of collections since the amount of merchandise or accessories are endless. Usually one may not find a particular colour or material when shopping at a high street store however online shopping gets it arranged or the customer can look for options and find results within seconds. From laptops to mobile phones, perfumes to nail paints, overcoats to boots, the internet has made shopping so convenient with just a mouse click away. For instance, H&M virtual dressing room allows a shopper to try on a garment and change the model’s size accordingly. 

High-speed convenience:
With the world pacing toward e-banking, e-mailing, e-marketing and e-learning, e-shopping is the biggest comfort one could get. It is fast and convenient since consumers today are busy and have less. An online shopper’s website is open 24 hours 7 days a week and is convenient. Shopping over the internet not only saves time but also gives chance to multi-task.  
Go green:
Online shopping for a consumer is a step towards going green since no fuel is burnt, no plastic bags are used and no copies of paper bills/receipts are shared. Along with which even the online retailers put in the effort of having electronic show windows that save on construction materials. 

Online shopping has another advantage; a consumer can evaluate the price of the desired product with several retailers at a single click within a few minutes rather than going to several stores in person. For instance, while buying a laptop, several websites open a list of laptops categorised on a graph of features, price or brand name.  

The essence of shopping remains the same, be it in person or online however online shopping has end number of advantages, especially when time is less and the need is more.  


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