E-retail: Go visible with pop-up stores
E-retail: Go visible with pop-up stores

E-retail has been a buzz word across, but what still remains a constraint when it comes to Indian consumers specifically is the need to touch and feel the products and to know the product before they buy. This phenomenon has pushed e-retailers to come up with small pop-up or brick and mortar stores that have proved to be a boon for both consumers as well as for e-retailers. This concept is being well taken by international e-retailers including eBay, Microsoft, House of Fraser and others. They see it as a tool to promote their website, gather more traffic and promote the brands available.

Need of pop-up stores

Physical stores are a brand building entity for e-retailers. It is an easy way of reaching the consumers even while they are out shopping at physical stores. These stores let them create a visibility for e-retailers. It not only gives the existing customers to walk in and have a touch and feel, but also let e-retailers find new customers.

“Pop up store is a part of marketing activity (BTL plan) executed to give a chance to customers to get ‘touch and feel’ of the product. Pop-up stores have a tendency to pop up unannounced, quickly draw in the crowds - so the whole concept gives customers something that can be perceived as exclusive -  and ‘get it while it lasts’. Pop-up stores help in establishing one-to-one relationship with consumers. Company can showcase their newly launched collection, get consumer-response about their current collection and simultaneously obtain feedback that helps in adding on to their upcoming collection. So, all in all it helps a business in many ways,” says Chaitanya Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Juvalia & You India.

“Pop up stores or experience centres in our case are great avenues to collaborate and customise for consumers. We are planning to open some more stores from here on. We are currently present in Delhi and Hyderabad. We plan to open six more stores, the first of which will come up in Chennai,” says Calvin John, VP Marketing, CaratLane.

Services offered

Along with being a marketing tool, pop-up stores gives consumers a luxury to look, touch, feel and customise. These pop up stores are technologically well equipped to let customers place order there and then and at times buy them. These stores at times also act as pick-up and warehousing hubs for customers and e-retail. Our experience centres offer more than just touch and feel of products. Consumers either can make purchases at our stores or can place their order using tabs or computers,” avers John.

“We always have combo offers, lucky draw offers and different promotion offers running in our pop-up stores,” says Aggarwal.

At the right place & right time

The right locations for these stores are the malls and high streets where one could find a lot of their existing customers as well as new customers. The focus remains on those places which get heavy footfalls of the target audience, like malls and high streets - right time is another important factor-  that could be during festivals, special launches and weekends.

“Visibility is all about being at the right place at the right time. We need to ensure that Juvalia & You pop up store is present at all the prime consumer locations like Malls, Festive fairs etc. where our target audience can see our jewellery collection. Moreover, we are very particular about our product display and make sure that everyone visiting our store is comfortable in trying on our jewellery and our representatives are assisting them properly,” says Aggarwal.

Future ahead

The pop-up stores are a brand extension for e-retailers. With consumers getting more and more dynamic, a multiple presence for retailers is mandatory. A phenomenon which started with retailers going online and now it has gone the other way round for e-retail as they open up physical stores. There is no survival for retailers in single format operations; they got to be present everywhere to be in the eyes of the consumers.

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