Growth of eCommerce market during festive season

The e-commerce industry expects the figures to go much higher than last year. Most e-tailers expect to generate 45% of their revenues during this festive season.
Festive Season & eRetail

Gone are the days when a person had to wait too long to get hands on with his favourite authors. Searching for books in various shops, waiting in long queues is a history now. The digital revolution brought by Flipkart in 2007 changed the entire experience of book buying from a long-waiting tedious one to buying with ease at one’s home or office. Though the digital revolution has its roots in the west since many decades, but Flipkart created its entry pathway to India and changed the entire scenario to bring in the Industrial revolution.
Ecommerce has seen tremendous growth in the past 3 years. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds and looking at the current scenario all the investments that have happened. It seems it’s harvesting time for the investors this festive season.
The festive season is here and the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is shopping for mobile phones, electronics, designer furniture, home decorations, clothes, accessories, jewellery, footwear and household items. Especially Dussehra and Diwali are considered auspicious for making purchases.
The e-commerce industry expects the figures to go much higher than last year and are all geared up to make the most of this opportunity. Most organizations expect to generate 45% of their revenues during this period. A study by ASSOCHAM revealed consumers are expected to spend a whopping INR 52000 CR this festive season.
The big players are investing heavily on marketing and advertising the festive sales. The advertisement spends has almost doubled than what it was last year. Overall e-commerce players are expected to spend over 2000 CR this festive season. Also heavy investments are made to develop the warehousing and logistics faculty.
Flipkart this year is hosting the much awaited Big Billion Day only on its Mobile Application as it gets over 70% of its traffic from mobile phones. This means they will need to be prepared for it technically.
So with all the investments these e-commerce websites will focus on building their brands through advertising effectively using a good mix of TV commercials and online advertisements. Moreover they would need to provide flawless service and better experience to their customers online and on the field to fulfil the promises that they make through their integrated marketing communications.

Authored by: Basesh Gala, Managing Director, 39 Solutions, a leading strategy and brand management firm

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