How to begin your own eCommerce start up

To begin your own eCommerce start up, have faith in your product, identify the need for it and then strategise for customer retention programme, advises Raunak Mehta, Associate Director, Flipkart.
How to begin your own eCommerce start up

eCommerce has excelled these days as everybody wants to trade online. Flipkart,, Myntra are few of the examples which have done really well. With net banking and money transactions becoming easier simultaneously, the promotions and marketing is gaining global audience online and hence, it has become a prerequisite to everybody in the retail world to venture into eCommerce.

Most importantly, the retail stores have a website displaying what products they have and what they don’t have. Most of the customers without browsing the website do not even visit a store. For something to market well and display well, one needs to display their products online and hence eCommerce has picked up. Many youngsters and techies and even housewives these days like to shop online for apparels, home ware, beauty products, books etc which have great options in eCommerce.

Getting started

Sandeep Koujalgi, cofounder for Kaysh, a start-up that works as a platform for offline payments anywhere in India says, “It is quite simple to begin an eCommerce start-up. The person who wants to launch himself or herself in eCommerce, the first thing to do is make a “Responsive website”. He can do it himself sitting at home, office or anywhere else. Further, it depends on the person whether the person chooses to have designers or not for creating designer websites. Here, the word “Responsive” means the website should also be mobile phone-friendly. If the customer is accessing the website in that case the website should be able to fit in the size of the mobile phone. The display should be responsive whether on laptop computer or a smart phone.

Platforms that help start-ups

Vishesh Khurana the founder of a start up Kartrocket says, “The step one would be if you are already a retailer then you want to venture into the eCommerce then choose a platform like Kart rocket. Khurana added saying, “We help the retailers to launch themselves online. We create themes, they can choose from, we can make a logo, banner, display their products and give them the administration key. It’s a 24-hour job and we are done.”

Kartrocket based in Delhi has helped many small merchants to set up their shops online in less than 24 hours.

Online travel a great hit

While the new online travel portal Yatra Genie CEO, Renil Komitla says, “These days the best industry is eCommerce because Yatra Genie initiated the first online portal down south which offers complete travel package that was not there earlier. The passengers can browse the portal and can decide whether they are going by the cab or bus, which hotel they want to stay the food etc. Hence, all they have to do is visit the portal and the rest is easily done for them. Due to these facilities, the customers like online travel portals.”

Start-up Tips from Flipkart

Raunak Mehta, the associate Director for Flipkart says, “eCommerce is something very new and people are working from different professional backgrounds and hence, the output is great here. Here, before one begins an eCommerce start up, he/she should find out whether for the product he is going to launch has a need in the market. If the need can be addressed. How to acquire and retain with the customer and finally what strategy is to be used? Mehtha further adds  that “In India we have food, travel and clothing. The reason why the travel industry is doing well these days is because once upon a time people used to stand in the queues to book tickets without having any idea about whether the seats they book would be comfortable. With the online, travel industry is doing very well."

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