Myntra's new platform to transform it into Facebook-like fashion network

The new platform will let users invite friends and seek opinion...
Myntra's new platform to transform it into Facebook-like fashion network
Online fashion site Myntra wants to turn itself into a fashion network where users can invite friends, form a group, chat, upload photos and seek out the opinion of friends and experts before buying clothes or accessories, a senior company executive said. The idea, it appears, is to become the Facebook of fashion.
"When you come just to shop and avail discounts, you visit maybe once or twice a month. But fashion is a category where you get inspired everyday," Abhishek Rajan, head of mobile business at Myntra, told ET. "Hence we are building a platform where it is more of an engagement which will give our users a reason to keep coming back to our app."
In May, the Flipkart-owned company shut its website and turned into a mobile app-only e-tailer. There were two reason for this 70 per cent of revenue was coming from mobile apps and India's mobilefirst generation is Myntra's target audience. Hence, losing out on the desktop audience was "a cost they were ready to bear." The new platform, rolled out to a few users, will allow them to follow friends and brands and like, comment, share and buy products.
This will help the company keep track of subscribers' tastes and suggest products according to their browsing pattern. Analysts are not sure whether Myntra's new plan will succeed. "I don't see this as a need for people who are shopping on their mobile phones. They are not missing out on trends and fashion updates," said Arvind Singhal, founder of retail consultancy Technopak.
"In case they want to discuss, they do it among each other on the social sites. So will they be coming to Myntra to find out about fashion and get information? I am not sure. Such information is available widely on the internet already."
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