eBay India partners with Best Deal TV

eBay India, the online marketplace has partnered with Best Deal TV India's first celebrity driven 24/7 home shopping channel.
eBay India partners with Best Deal TV
eBay India, the online marketplace has partnered with Best Deal TV India’s first celebrity driven 24/7 home shopping channel. eBay India’s unique Cross Border Trade (CBT) Business will enable exports of celebrity endorsed products being currently sold on Best Deal TV.
The partnership will allow Best Deal TV to list their product across three platforms i.e. www.ebay.com; www.ebay.co.uk and www.ebay.com.auand specifically target buyers in USA, UK and Australia respectively.
Best Deal TV via its store on eBay (http://stores.ebay.com/smstrade) will list 2000 SKUs across three categories: Home, Fashion and Lifestyle. Each product being listed will be endorsed by a leading Bollywood celebrity.
Latif Nathani, Vice President &Managing Director, eBayIndia said, “eBay India’s CBT business today provides 20,000 entrepreneurs an opportunity to export to global audiences. This business has grown exponentially and is a strategic fit to our growth in India. We have noticed that global consumers are looking for variety and unique inventory from India. The partnership with Best Deal TV will enable us to offer credible and celebrity endorsed productstoaudiences across three countries.” 
“We aim to expand Best Deal TV products offering to over 17 countries in the next six months,” added Mr. Nathani. 
Raj Kundra, CEO, Best Deal TV India, said “Since our launch we have been getting a lot of interest from Indians residing internationally, wanting to buy our exclusive celebrity products. The collaboration with eBay India will help us service those and many other Bollywood loving customers worldwide. This synergy will allow us to be the first home shopping channel in India to cater to customers worldwide.”
Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Chairperson, Best Deal TV, said “It gives me great pleasure to announce this strategic tie up with eBay wherein our overseas customers can now buy our fantastic Best Deal TV products online. This partnership will help Best Deal TV to leverage eBay’s global platform by growing user base and defining our presence in International markets”.
Consumer in USA, UK and Australia who will log onto Best Deal TV stores at eBay will be able to purchase the latest in Fashion and Jewellery including Shilpa Shetty’s designer Slim Shape Jeans and her very own line of Sarees; Satyug Mangalsutra bracelet; Neeta Lulla’s sarees and Anushka Dandekar’s line of jeggings. The Beauty and Lifestyle selection includes products from Bollywood and famous celebrities like Akshay Kumar’s Twist Head-phones, Neha Dhupia’s hair extensions etc. The Home selection will include Farah Khan’s air loc containers, Bipasha Basu’s suggested air fryers and Wonderchef Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookware collection. There will be many more products that will be available under each of the above categories for consumers to choose from. 
As per eBay India Census of 2014, USA, UKand Australia are the top three countries that contribute to the cross border business of eBay India. eBay India sellers can use any of the 39 eBay worldwide sites to export products to around 157 million active buyers around the world. At any given time, there are over 3.5 million live listings from India on eBay worldwide sites across Lifestyle, Collectibles & Media verticals.
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