What are the Best Practices in Drop-Shipping?

Whether it be using compostable packing mangoes, or cutting down on plastic packaging, successful drop shipping practices are ones that benefit the planet and provide value.
Whats are the Best Practices in Drop-Shipping?

H.L. Mencken once said that “Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking.” While some companies’ practices are solely based on the potential that nobody will look, to begin with, it is becoming increasingly necessary to take a different approach. In order to be fully transparent in the dropshipping business realm, there has to be a focus on environmental sustainability. Businesses cannot solely rely on profits and neglect their impact on the planet anymore. The age of climate change and awareness of the environmental impacts of e-commerce, in general, have shifted the priorities of most individuals.

This year’s pandemic has caused a major shift in the consumer spending habits of those who traditionally never look to online shopping. With this in mind, corporate social responsibility has the ability to serve as a guide to businesses. Whether it be using compostable packing mangoes, or cutting down on plastic packaging, successful dropshipping practices are ones that benefit the planet and provide value.

Building Relationships With Users:

Besides technical advancements, building interpersonal relationships with those affiliated with dropshipping businesses is a crucial act. Whether it be scheduling calls with suppliers to strategize and create a supportive environment, or publishing blog posts relating to many of the adversities people all over the world are currently facing, people are curious to see what exactly is behind the brand. Transactional experiences and product transactions are two very different concepts; There is no reason to correlate the two, seeing as a business is more than making a profit. Business is about bettering the world, forging connections with customers who truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve, and leaving a mark on the world. If a drop shipping company does this, then people will take note and will likely want to demonstrate some form of support. This is the important note behind the success of many white-label saree, and electronics resellers in India.

Positivity And Energy For Success :

Of course, none of this can be done without ensuring that those behind the scenes at drop shipping companies are healthy and happy. Small businesses and larger scale corporations cannot strive toward revolutionary practices without sparking creativity within their teams. One way this can be achieved is by building a positive company culture. Generally speaking, positivity and energy are infectious. Although the world is at a bit of a standstill, e-commerce companies still have the potential to move forward by banking on the pathos of the business world. As we observe, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal, Ritesh Agarwal, or any other founder of Indian unicorns, it was their energy and positivity towards their idea that made them successful and highly respected.

Importance Of Social Media:

Maintaining an active social media presence is another way in which a company could grow to be a leading e-commerce company in a short period of time. Through taking careful measures to ensure that the company comes across authentically is vital because, behind the screens and articles, there’s often just a group of passionate individuals striving to make e-commerce more efficient and accessible. Tasteful memes, supplier shoutouts, and more all could contribute to strong branding.

Part of said success could stem from the fact that well-crafted posts exemplify the enthusiasm vested in each and every team member; Taking into account the different personalities of the people behind the scenes and letting them shine on social media accounts encourages interaction. This open-minded approach to dividing up tasks and responsibilities allows every individual to demonstrate that they have something unique to offer. Embracing individuality is a business approach that is often ignored, but has become more important in an age of AI and automation.  


This isn’t all to say that by doing this, a company will never experience bumps in the road, stressful predicaments, and the occasional loss. Because, odds are, it will. It isn’t often that a business is willing to shine a light on its shortcomings, but behind every success story is adversity. Dropshipping companies need not place shame on a lack of continuous linear growth and consistently high rates of supplier onboarding every month.

The market of e-commerce often shifts and as a result, so does the reality of the affiliated business. By enduring these changes, a drop shipping company has a prime opportunity to become stronger and more persistent. Acknowledge the problem, ensure it won’t happen again and move forward. Only by taking a methodical approach can a company remain relevant in a field of ever-changing practices. If there is one thing drop shipping companies need to do, it’s to act like the whole world is watching. Because given the growth of this business sector, the spotlight is coming their way. 


Ths article is written by Kartik Gurmule, the Co-Founder and CFO of Shoppable Inc.

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