Advertising on a mobile route

Mobile advertising is fetching great popularity in India more so with mobile penetration being very high. Though there is a lot to explore, the cell phone is a good medium for promotion. We seek out the avenue.
Advertising the Mobile way

Cellular phone advertising is a paid, public and non-personal form of advertising where a message is delivered by a recognised sponsor. It is a promotion of products by the firm for its customers. The success of the format depends on the usage and willingness of the customers to accept advertising and advertising-supported services. Mobile promotion is an extremely striking opportunity for advertisers because people carry their mobiles with them all the time. Also it is almost assured that the user will at least see the offer at least once. 

This form of advertising allows the customers to be informed about their desired products and to be connected all the time and at all places. Retailers are accustomed to advertise through all the mediums like TV, print, radio and Internet as separate entities but this medium of advertising is considered to be most effective. So we can say that the mobile industry is not a solitary marketing medium. Its use is increasing with time. 

Reason to choose
Mobile advertising means diverse things to diverse companies. The strategy varies with which aspect the company is focusing on, as there is access and availability of over a dozen strategies. The thought that comes to mind is that why should companies opt for this preference. It has been found that 84 per cent people keep their cell phones with them around the clock and the 94 per cent customers open their text messages. Also messaging is a preferential means of communication for the youngsters these days. Text advertisements can also be stored for future references or can be forwarded to people around. Despite the fact that patrons are not outrageously fervent regarding cell phone advertisements, about 20 per cent of users find some form of advertising on their mobiles to be acceptable. Mobile advertising has certain advantages that are useful to the customers and retailers. It develops awareness and deliberation among people regarding the various promotions and offers. This develops an easy attainment of customers. So on one hand it is effective and on the other affordable. The advertisers can get instantaneous feedback and through these feedbacks, they can get better contents based on the liking of their spectators.  

The problem with mobiles is that the screen space is very limited. You have to get across the actual message to the people in that limited space. Also, Indian languages are not that well supported by all mobile handset vendors which can be a major hitch. 

The people involved in the trade can further amplify the industry. Advertisers should have a mobile friendly website to increase the convenience for the users. Companies and brands using mobile advertising should provide some discounts to the users who respond to mobile advertisements. As in all those who show the mobile advertisement at the cash counter can avail a particular amount of discount on the shopping they do. This can help increase the amount of people shopping at their stores. The service click -2- call is a perfect media that mobile advertisers should cash on. The launch of these services will accelerate the approval of mobile advertising in the country.

Mobile advertising seems to be a very lucrative option for retailers in the times to come. The reason why it is going to be big in India is that it will ride on VAS. If put to optimum use it would definitely bring fortunes to the retailers.


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