Flipkart owners will now deliver products personally at your doorsteps

During the second edition of the Big Billion Days Sale, eCommerce masterminds and owners of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny Bansal will deliver goods personally at the doorstep of a few customers.
With Flipkart doing its best to serve customers with a seamless shopping experience during the second edition of its Big Billion Days Sale, eCommerce masterminds and owners of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny Bansal will deliver goods personally at the doorsteps of few customers. They will also try to learn the experience customers have had with Flipkart in the past.
Not only the owners but other leaders of Flipkart will also be seen wearing delivery caps and ringing customer's doorbell for the next 15 to 20 days.
This is considered to be a big move by the eCommerce giant which is currently valued at around $15 billion. This move also reminds of Flipkart's early days back in 2007, when the Bansal brothers used to ramble across the streets of Bangaluru on their scooter to deliver books.
"We want to learn more about the market, customers and understand what the need is for the future also to thank them," said Binny Bansal, who has seen his personal fortune swell because of Flipkart's valuation. Both the Bansals debuted on Forbes' rich list this year with an estimated wealth of about $1.3 billion each.
Joining them for the home visits will be Mukesh Bansal, who heads Flipkart's ecommerce business, and leaders including Punit Soni, chief product officer, Ankit Nagori, chief business officer, and KV Anand, senior vice president - customer experience. Earlier this week, after Flipkart kicked off Big Billion Days, a fiveday shopping festival offering discounts, the company sent 50,000 postcards to prospective buyers in some of India's remotest areas, encouraging them to shop online.
Unlike last year's Big Billion Day, this time there were less glitches. "This not only changes things for Flipkart, but it changes the course of ecommerce in India. It pushes the boundaries for everybody in the ecosystem, including sellers and logistics providers," Bansal said. An average seller will now easily be able to handle five times the regular shipments, he said. Flipkart is targeting sales of over 10 million units of different products over the five days. "That's the sales we do in a month," said Bansal.
The company claims to have sold over 3 million phones on the first two days of the sale. Even the traffic on the website through its mobile app reached 70 million visits during the sale.
Expecting significant hike in demand, Flipkart had already moved its operation to a bigger data centre in Chennai earlier this year. It also scaled its logistics and seller capabilities which increased from 4,000 sellers on its platform last year to 5,000 sellers this year.
"We've had to pick up a month's worth of products in five days and we've already shipped lakhs of units to customers," Bansal said.
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