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When we talk of teleshopping, the picture of foreigners voicing Indian languages while advertising products comes into mind. However, the concept has undergone change over the years. Let's map its journey.

Teleshopping also known as Home shopping is one of the categories of direct marketing. The marketer showcases his product on air and the consumer watches it on his TV screen and if he is interested he would call up the toll –free number mentioned during the show and order as per his/her requirement. 

The advent
Touch and feel are the principles that Indians associate with shopping; however teleshopping is just the opposite. Though teleshopping came to the fore front in the mid-1990s in the country, its presence was never felt stoutly until the early 21st century. Internationally the concept originated in the US in the mid-1980s.  

The concept of teleshopping is at a very nascent stage in India but is growing gradually. The concept it more prevalent today as people are living in nuclear families, are independent, have access to dual incomes but don’t have the time to go out a lot to shop. Here is where teleshopping comes into picture. It is precisely this reason that this segment offers tremendous potential which was the reason for the companies taking the leap. The convenience of shopping from home is a growing fad these days. The budding sophistication among customers enhanced their eagerness to try novel products. 

Products on offer
This format of advertising is now applicable for all kinds of products as it permits full demonstration. Channels are tying up with retailers across the board to make available merchandise for customers with a convenience. Ranging from clothes, footwear to jewellery you name it and you can find it.  

Teleshopping benefits customers by helping them save up a considerable amount of time and energy. Also at times products come with certain gifts and offers that can be an added advantage for the customer. Retailers have been saved from costs incurred on the conventional marketing through these marketing channels. It helps them boost up their sales and in return empowers them to further provide great deals to the customers through this medium. The marketer is benefited by way of getting good distribution margin. For the television channels it is an attractive source of revenue as it is a commercial program. So it is a win-win situation for all involved in this process.


The question mark
Teleshopping is carried out by people on television who are putting in their word that the product they are endorsing is actually used by them and they have reaped the benefits of it. However, it is not such now. With increase in the number of channels like HomeShop 18 and with an option of verifying the product before you buy it at your doorstep along with the option of paying for the product when you receive it has taken this process of shopping a step further in making this format a success with customers. No more you have to see foreigners giving voicing Indian languages; you can see Indians now on the podium to bring across the products for the customers.  

The future seems quite bright for this format, especially with the evolution that has taken place in the past few years. With just some more changes, this format will gain significance!

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