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Retail business has multi-faculties to operate. In this section three primary areas have been picked up that covers back-end operations, front-end operations and preemptive measures for shrinkage.

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By: Sunil Munshi, CEO- India, Denave Redefinition of the retail industry is not new. In fact, this revamp has been set in motion now for a couple of years. Considered to be buzzwords not so

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Mumbai: The company is focusing on major metros along with keeping its eye on potential of tier I and II markets for the future retail expansion. Banglore based multi-brand retailer William

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Moving past tier I cities, the future of retail sector is said to be shining bright in the corners of tier II and tier III cities. In an interesting revelation, last year (between 2006 and 2017)

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When Domino’s Pizza first introduced the promised ’30 minutes or free’ guarantee policy, it saw a rapid rise in its market share among the U.S. pizza buying public. Ultimately,

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By: Ishan Gupta, MD India - Udacity Rising smartphone and high-speed internet penetration have indelibly changed the way Indians transact. With more and more individuals coming online from tier

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By-Sathish Kannan- Executive Vice President Operations in WINIT Large organizations look at the Human Resource Department (HR) to partner business. Partnering business is incomplete unless one

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India is ranked in the biggest retail markets in the world in terms of economic value. It has become the 3rd largest economy (in terms of GDP) in the world in terms of consumerism and will hit the

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India is a hub of FMCG brands. There are huge national and multinational brands catering their products to millions of people and generating immense capital. The biggest player in the market is

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The e-commerce sector has grown significantly since its initial days and still continues to carry momentum. The global retail e-commerce sales is supposed to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. Gone are

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Creativity is the essence of your brand but not branding. Both the words ‘brand’ and branding’ are remotely related. It is your creativity that will prepare a new and unique

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You must have allocated your time, money, and energy in establishing and promoting your entrepreneurial venture. You have invested in erecting a retail outlet with products, ads, and other

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Your most important customers – those who give you maximum business or profit – should be treated with care. You must pay close attention to their needs and give special attention when

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Packaging is everywhere and is fueled by a relentlessly increasing population and globally escalating consumption patterns. In fact, Packaging strikes the very first pact between a brand owner and

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The two major factors of brand-specific association are perceived quality and emotional value. “Emotional value” denotes the value associated with individual customer’s emotions

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Nowadays more or less all reputed brands are selling through the online platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Wayfair, Overstock etc. which have made buying so easy for people sitting at home. Consumers

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