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Retail business has multi-faculties to operate. In this section three primary areas have been picked up that covers back-end operations, front-end operations and preemptive measures for shrinkage.

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Reverse logistics refers to the return of goods or information from the retailer back to the manufacturers and producers. The need for reverse logistics arises in light of offering a higher level

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In a bid to foster loyalty and maintain customer trust we see most names in retail taking the path of loyalty/reward programs for their customers. It is well-intentioned and both sides benefit from

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At least online, the world of retail is still intact. Despite financial crisis and consumer strikes more and more people are using their PCs to shop. Whether it's books, music, fashion or

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I asked the owner of a Benetton store if he thought ‘Brand loyalty’ existed or not? To my surprise he said that most of the youth coming to his store are his loyal customers who shop

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The greatest problem for a retailer is when goods leave the retail store or the warehouse without a matching payment. In retail vernacular it is called ‘shrinkage’. Retail shrinkage

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Floral jewellery gained much recognition after Aishwarya Rai wore it for one of her wedding ceremonies but it is just not her in the glam list to carry off floral jewellery. It was Sonia Gandhi!

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Sponsoring an event or any activity gives the platform to connect your brand with your target customers. Sponsorship enhances brand visibility. Therefore, new brands which are struggling hard to

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If you’re wondering what Advergaming is… well it refers to developing a game to advertise a brand. In this tool, a retailer can wrap a brand’s core message in a gaming format in

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