How to equip in-store staff to handle wedding season surge?

The article sheds light on few aspects to help the retail employees during peak season of shopping.
How to equip in-store staff to handle wedding season surge?

Retail is the business where specific period such as brings many opportunities in form of increased footfall and a higher turnover of stock. And, if all goes smooth this surge vouches for higher profits. In store staff has a very active role in making it possible. Though for any retailer managing the staff to wedding season rush is a very challenging task. If the wedding season means extra traffic to store here are some tips to help you manage the needs of your staff – and keep customers happy so you can make the most of the holiday spending spree. 


Wedding season is a great time to push sales and for the same we curate special offers for our shoppers. “Currently we are offering savings up to Rs 5000. Offers definitely help in driving sales and also encourage impulse buying,” informed Sahil Malik, Managing Director, Da Milano. Owing to wedding season related offers the brand register surge in traffic, and to handle this extra load the brand tends to prepare its employees well in advance. Speaking on same Malik informs, “Store personnel’s are being trained at regular intervals to understand and fulfill the shopping preferences of the heterogenous market. Stock management is planned in prior and also extra efforts are made to appease the shoppers with extended store timings, attractive displays and product mix.” 

Retailers can also consider a professional training well in advance. For example, recently a Bangluru based hypermarket had introduced a three day long induction program that equips the front end staff to perform its duty on shop floor from the day 1. The initiative was called SHARP. This concept has reduced the leaning time and had made them competent in their job within three days.  


Even the best trained talent can fall apart due to the pressure of the wedding season. And, these days retailer have some sort of offer or discount going throughout the year. But, wedding season sales cannot be equated with one day long sale event such as Valentines’ Day, Fathers’ Day etc. Wedding season for couple of days; hence, start teaching your staff about wedding season related offers well in advance so they can assist the wedding shoppers exclusively. The rule applies to junior staff as well. “Training is a constant and continuous process for our staff round the year, encompassing product, service and ensuring customer satisfaction. During every season we further ensure that they are well versed about the new collections and the offers and equipped to maintain the same high levels that Nakshatra World offers round the year,” said Saurav Bhattacharya, President – Sales & Marketing, Nakshatra World Limited.

Striking the similar view, Arun Marc D’silva, India Director, Frederique Constant said, “Through the brand does not offer any direct discount. However, its retail partners do offer some special prices to certain customers based on their relationships and based on purchase value. The brand has recorded a positive sales growth year on year, and this is true for the wedding seasons as well. And, staff has the huge role in making this possible.”


Look for the ways ease the rush. This can be achieved by exploring all channels of distribution and establishing the synergy in between all.   “Our orders are usually placed online and once the order is placed each piece of jewellery is manufactured in the factory. So once the order is received it directly goes to the production department and the manufacturing process begins. We also do a lot of bulk orders and hence our staff is well equipped to handle any surge in orders,” informed Sunay Gandhi, CEO, Pristine Fire and Partner, Vishal Diamonds. 


Breaks are important and staff is supposed to handle extra rush the breaks become mandatory. However, you as a retailer needs to chalk down a strategy how and when breaks will happen. It’s critical that you manage breaks so that your key customer contact points are never understaffed.

It would be best to rotate the break so the employees do not feel overworked. Moreover, such strategy will encourage employees to return on time. You can make things easier for your staff by, for example, organising food supplied to your premises during the busiest periods so employees don’t have to spend time fighting crowds.

Wedding season gives a retailer an opportunity to make business. With little bit of smart strategy will let you leverage the occasion and create a win-win situation not only for you but for your staff as well.






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