How Online Lottery is Better Than Buying Tickets from the Store
How Online Lottery is Better Than Buying Tickets from the Store

Online lottery has become quite popular among the young generation. It is a game that can not only be played on a smartphone but is also convenient to play. You need not visit shops or sit with a pen to check the winning list. To play the online lottery in India, you don't have to wait for an opening hour.

All you need to have is a strong internet connection. Though some people still rely on the offline lottery as they find it nostalgic, at the same time, some haven't yet gotten accustomed to smartphones.

Online versus Offline Lottery in India

  • Location of purchase: The most significant distinction between online and offline lottery is the location of purchase. For an offline lottery ticket, you need to go to the store, whereas, for an online purchase, you have to visit a website or app.
  • Signing up: In an online lottery game, you have to sign in, providing details of yourself. However, offline purchases do not involve all these things.
  • Details for once: You also need to give the debit/credit card details for playing an online lottery, but it is for once. As you finish updating details in your account, you do not have to add anything else later. Subsequently, purchasing tickets becomes straightforward.


Security is a crucial reason that makes a difference in the online lottery in India. If you lose the ticket purchased offline, it will be arduous for you to claim the prize if you win. In any case, if you forget the draw date and check the list, later on, you cannot claim your prize. However, you do not have these problems online. After an online purchase of a ticket, the record of purchase and winnings are recorded.

The players of these lotteries get email notifications if they win any game. Other than an exception, the fund they win is also sent to their account directly. If the winning amount is substantial, the person might have to appear in-person to prove their identity and collect it. Even you can get a reminder of big amount lotteries through email notification once you register in any online jackpot.

Features of Online Lottery

If you buy tickets online for the lottery in India, there are many benefits that you might get from the features it has. Some of them are:

  • Replay option: You need to set an automatic debit option, which will enable you to play every week without stopping. This automatic payment process will ease your play and enhance the chances of winning. You will neither miss any draw; nor do you need to pay.
  • Choose arbitrary numbers: Selecting random numbers is much easier in online play. You need to click a designated option, which will enable you to get a random number combination.
  • Can play anywhere: You do not have to face the hurdle of going to stores to buy tickets; neither do you have to stand in lines for buying or checking jackpots. You can use your smartphone to play, pay, withdraw, and win at any time. You can check your numbers or results whenever you want. All you need to have is an internet connection, which will entitle you to this play.
  • Can participate in lotteries worldwide: Playing online allows you to participate in all international lotteries. Yes, you need to spend a lot of money on that, but the chances of winning also increase. Playing the lottery online also notifies you whenever there is a game going on. You don't have to visit a store to enquire about it. 
  • Can play multiple games: Online lottery does not mean only drawing numbers. You have the option of playing various games as you wish. Even you can get scratch cards, which can enable you to secure a reasonable sum of money.
  • Promos and bonus: During the play, you can get hold of promos and bonuses. This will help you to redeem or, at times, win money. They also are the key to some new games, which will open up many prospects. Promos or bonuses may also include prizes like national or international trips. However, sites offering trips are less in number. If you refer to people about the site, which can also entitle you to prizes.


Playing an online lottery in India gives you many benefits. You don't have to go out, yet you are entitled to so many windfalls. More so, you never get to miss a notification about any lottery. The benefits are much more as compared to the traditional ones. Though the tickets are expensive, it increases the chances of your winning. Being convenient, many people have started opting for it. You have a highly secure environment that you can trust.

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