A dialogue to boost fulfilment ecosystem

The first LMF Asia Conference and Exhibition was launched with the objective to provide a platform for all players within the fulfilment ecosystem to address the opportunities and challenges.
A dialogue to boost fulfilment ecosystem

 “eCommerce Beyond Borders” ran the theme of the first-ever Last Mile Fulfilment Asia (LMFAsia) 2015 event hosted in Singapore in the month of March. The region’s leading brands in retail, eCommerce, logistics and fulfilment came together. Over 1,200 attendees representing 560 companies from 28 countries concluded fruitful discussions leading to collaborations as well as improved measures for last mile fulfillment across the Asia Pacific region.

India Presence @ LMF Asia

Representing India at the conference, participant, Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Retailer Magazine, Franchise India, who moderated a session on the India eCommerce market and consumers, held the view that understanding the consumer will enable sustained growth across last mile fulfilment touch-points which will, in turn, enable an enhanced consumer experience. The other Indian speakers who joined in the dialogue were PC Sharma, President & Chief Executive Officer, TCI XPS, India and Vijay Ghadge, Chief Operating Officer, GoJavas, India, who further spoke on the local challenges present and how to service a large, hyper-competitive market. It was concluded that India represents a new horizon for many foreign eCommerce & fulfilment industry players, dominated by large home-grown names & increasingly some major international names.

Need for LMF at large

For the eCommerce stakeholders, the event was a showpoint to learn how other companies are strategising, the new innovations that are unfolding and to be able to grasp the things that are currently happening.  For the members of logistics, parcels and deliveries industries from Asian countries, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, the event provided an opportunity to expand beyond the borders. 

The Asian market being a fragmented one, therefore, each country merits a specific treatment, also, it becomes a requirement to devise a refined strategy to enter the ever-growing eCommerce market. The platform gave an insight to the Brands how to sell across borders at the same time, understanding the differences in operating and business conditions and the different payment solutions and markets that one needs to cater to.  

At LMF Asia, innovative ideas were discussed and retailers were advised to be bold in acquiring new approaches and solutions. The opportunites arising from  changing consumer eCommerce landscape, customer demographics and expectations, and technological developments were presented before all attendees.Also, common regional challenges were thrashed out during session meets, pointing out the weakest link in the current fulfilment industry and the emerging solutions that one must go for a robust fulfilment system.The potential of Asian countries were discussed at length, and opportunities coming up for new retail players in Thailand, and  how retailers need to cater to a dispersed customer base in Phillippines. The event did show the way to attain capability and sustainability in last mile fulfilment. 

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