Amazon's pick-up service mushrooms in 45 cities

Amazon will facilitate buyers across 45 cities in India through its pick-up centres which will acts a s point of exchange for collecting and returning products.
Amazon’s pick-up service mushrooms in 45 cities

Amazon India which started pick up services in 2014 in Bengaluru has grown drastically from 20 centres to 800 pick-up points spread in 45 cities. The pick-up centres facilitate buyers to collect their parcels from designated locations. The cities include Thanjavur, Vijayawada, Thoothukudi, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Rajkot and Ludhiana.

The 'Amazon Pick-up' programme makes use of available physical resource as rentable space-like a store, garage, house, office or even a van which can be engaged as a point of pick-up for Amazon packages. The customers can use these select centres to pick up their packages or return products conveniently.  

"We carefully look for like-minded business owners who are extremely passionate towards customers and have a burning desire to perform and grow. These businesses work with us as our last-mile delivery partners and help Amazon packages reach the customer's door step," said a company spokesperson.

The eCommerce giant then acknowledge and train the staff at these pick-up points for a better customer experience.

A spokesperson stated that they have seen owners of kirana stores, flower shops, travel agencies,bakeries, etc. showing interest in delivery and shipment pickup points. This association with Amazon is helping them witness higher footfalls and good business. 

Amazon had also piloted Amazon Pick-up at Bharat Petroleum's In & Out stores in Delhi and Mumbai last year.

The company now plans to extend the deal to make all the In & Out outlets across the country its pick-up points. Currently, 35 In & Out stores have already been on-boarded to act as pick-up points.

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