Ingredients of Superbrands

What is it that differentiates this class of brands with the rest
Ingredients of Superbrands


Superbrands have a value which is greater than the economics of market share something that symbolizes the significant value of relevance and trust of consumer.  Archies has always meant a greeting card whereas Anchor is another name for switches. It was Bata in which we have stepped in our schools for so many years.

Last night 86 brands were awarded as Superbrands.  But what was that differentiated them from the rest of the brands. The history, story and their acceptance among the masses made them fetch the superbrands status way before this award ceremony.

Speaking about the process of selecting the superbrands from the plethora of brands in the Indian market Anmol Dhar, Managing Director, Superbrands India said, “It’s not we who choose these brands but before that these brands have already become the element which completes consumer’s life. We identify them based on consumer’s views, and then second stage of selection is done by the independent council members”.

Emotional connect

Another essential ingredient of a superbrand is the emotional connect. Usha fan and sewing machines are among the very first electrical and mechanical devices used in the Indian houses. The evolving consumer of an evolving India believes in experiencing the brand before deciding on his or her purchase. For the buyer, more than the utility of the brand is the emotional connect that plays a vital role.

Appeals to people across ages

Obviously Luxor stands apart from rest of the Pen making companies as it is a part of one’s personality rather than just an instrument used to leave a mark on paper. Brand that has grown from the old lanes of Old Delhi, even after 50 years Luxor is as closely aligned to the country’s youth as it is with India’s corporate world. Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan’s association with the brand rightly represents the blend of generations Luxor’s Pilot and Parker offer.


Salt’s most important component – iodine was not introduced till 1983 when Tata salt brought to Indian kitchens the country’s first to combat Anaemia. A brand that justifies the significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March today commands 48.50 per cent of the national branded salt market. A brand like LIC which is people’s organisation actually has more number of consumers than the population of all the countries barring India US and China. Superbrands have to have a sense of trusteeship reflecting from them. Something on which LIC has grown and developed over years and has a life fund of Rs 1,51,200 crore. The nationality is evoked by their taglines like ‘desh ka namak’ of Tata Salt and ‘Jis pe Desh Kare Bharosa’ for Luminous invertors. A tagline well suited for a power deficient country like India.

International match

‘Made in China’ is a label which all of us have witnessed many a times. Just like that a brand that has conquered the competitive international market is responsible for taking the ‘Made in India’ label forward. Superbrands have established not only themselves, but also the Indian name as an evolving manufacturing hub. With one of Asia’s finest research and development facilities supporting it, Servo comes off as the brand to look for. These lubricants are exported to 20 countries. Hindware and HSIL are bringing the luxury sanitary brands from Europe to India. The company recently owned QUEO which is UK based luxury brand. A brand which evolved in a time when the county was learning to use toilets and today the same brand is teaching the world how to have an experiential bathroom experience.

These brands have worked with an intention beyond market capital and shares. In a price sensitive country these brands have sustained and are leaders even if they lie on the higher part of the price range. 

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