3 tips to have perfect Size Guide for your ecommerce website!

It is important for your customers to experience right size chart. Do bear in mind there is no such thing as one size fits all.
3 tips to have perfect ‘Size Guide’ for your ecommerce website!

‘Returns’ are inevitable in e-commerce. As per industry data, the return rates follows between 30 to 40% of the merchandise that have been purchased online. However, in the case of fashion and lifestyle the returns could be even higher. Though, there could be many reasons for ‘returns’ but the most common reason is improper ‘Size’ charting. Being an online retailer you should know that right fit is most important to shoppers and most of e-commerce companies fail to deliver the same.

To combat the issue, many e-commerce players have come up with different type of solutions such as ‘try before you buy’ where they bring limited number of product SKUs at customers’ doorstep and let the customer make ultimate choice from presented assortment. Though, this may sound interesting but this model will never let you offer larger assortment to your potential customers to choose from. Well, you cannot create brick and mortar experience in online world, but you can certainly create real-like experience with the help of technology. Tech innovations such as AI, VR amongst others can help smart Size guides.

Here are the tips to have smart size guide:

Not all brands have same sizing chart

Each manufacture and designer follows their own set of sizing chart. Usually, e-retail companies offer chart estimating generic estimate of sizes Small through Extra-Large. Keep in mind each garment is measured based on how it’s designed to fit. Many a times, garments are designed deliberately with a notion to be fitted more while other may termed as “relaxed fit”. However, on other site, many clothing sizes do NOT differ from one brand to another. So it is imperative for retail sites to provides extra information.

Augmented Reality apps

Such applications help to virtually try the product which ultimately gives the shoppers an idea how the product will look on them. Recently, leading beauty retailer Sephora has come up with its virtual artist app for which the retailer got tremendous response.  In fact, you can display live models wearing different sizes. But, it is equally imperative to provide the height, weight, waist size so the end user can actually relate with the same. Moreover, virtual applications such as ‘Itfits’ can be a great help in describing exact size on virtual screen.

Small video display

So far Amazon is using this feature actively. A small video is placed along with the product images. The video comprises the model either wearing or exhibiting the product. Such small videos are usually lasts less than one minute and generate a lot of traction.

Customer reviews

Customers who have actually used the product might have better idea in terms of actual fit. So it is very important to publish such comments without any filtration. This could serve as buying guide for other shoppers.






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