5 fool-proof tips to deal with negative digital reviews!

Digital reviews are important, what is being said on social media really creates the difference in terms of brand identity.
5 fool-proof tips to deal with negative reviews!

Online reviews influence sales

Digital media has come a long way from personal to professional changes. These days the presence of the brand and the content that they share in the website or digitally is becoming increasingly important. “The digital reviews now are providing a platform for millions of consumers to share their experiences clearing the mind of the customers to make a decision about a product or service, resulting in helping the brand increasing the sales in their business but also providing a good platform for their brand reputation,” said Vibhor Jain, Director of ArgentOr Silver.

Moreover, the brand voice is the personality of the business, and the brand voice requires consistency. Customers don't want to deal with brands that have multiple personalities and the voice involves careful communication with customers weather in person or online. “The buying preference of a product is influenced by the reviews that they go through online. They tend to buy the brand which has good rating or good customer feedbacks. So, it is very important for a brand to have good online reviews,” said Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland.

Negative reviews: How to deal with them?  

Social listening and sentiment tracking are essential in maintaining your brand’s image. Online reviews are critical to the triumph of any brand and replying to those reviews is another critical point in creating a positive online image of the brand. If you have a ton of bad reviews, that doesn’t look good. Responding to reviews is an effective, lasting way to show the public how your business handles unhappy customers.

Here are few tips to deal with negative reviews...      

  1- Don’t lose your cool

As per Harkirat singh, it is important to keep track of what’s being said online about the brand or business, because that’s what potential customers will see when they search for the brand. Often, it's most effective to keep the tone of your communication calm and neutral, while addressing and respecting your customer's concerns (even if you're not in the wrong). Even if you can't give them everything they want, showing your willingness to acknowledge them and take some steps to improve the situation will go a long ways in saving the relationship and show other customers (both existing and potential) that your business cares about them.

  2- Acknowledge, Act and Resolve

Addressing the same Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director, Truffle collection shared,” As a growing brand, there may be situations where we may not be able to live up to customer’s expectations in terms of –service, price points, stock/size availability etc. which may lead to customer’s dismay. However, being approachable and rather than ignoring be responsive to such sentiments makes a lot of difference.”

 3- Negative reviews: Don’t hide them

Imagine finding a product with hundreds of 5-star reviews and not a bad or critical review in sight—you’d probably be suspicious, wouldn’t you? An apparent lack of review-content online can greatly damage any brand’s ability to attract customers.

“As you can see on Wakefit’s social media, a blend of good reviews and bad reviews means we aren’t trying to hide anything, and it makes the good reviews seem more sincere. Negative reviews are a way of life for online brands such as ours, so we learn to truly work on process efficiency to prevent them from happening in the first place, “said Ankit Garg, Co-founder and CEO, Wakefit.com

 So, let’s say Wakefit gets a bad online review about the product or service. Our strategy for negative reviews is to never let the customer that she is alone in this journey – we need to ensure she knows that we are present with her, no matter what, with respect to our product.

  4- Fake reviews: The real business killer

Keep in mind, not all reviews (be it positive/negative) posted online are genuine, few of them might be fake. “It’s hard to calculate the average percentage of the fake reviews but still, I believe 30-40% is the fake reviews. Also, I believe the reviews depend on the product that you’re serving to your customers. Every customer has their own needs and different point of interest. If one customer liked your product doesn’t mean the other should also,” said Vibhor Jain.

Speaking on same, Johal said, “We feel, a brand that is desperate to grow can often rely on fake reviews which we feel is absolutely wrong. We have seen about 60-70% of reviews online to be fake and in some cases paid.”

Nothing can be worse than getting fake reviews. However, keep in mind some situations can be unique and requires delicate handling. “Handling the negative reviews online is part of the online reputation management strategy of a company. As a first step, we try and use the feedback to improve the product or service, while working alongside to get the review publicly resolved. Having said that, there are several times, when the situations are unique & it needs delicate handling, “said Ena Bansal, Chief Digital Strategist, Vajor

 5 – Pay personal attention

Well, there is no cookie cutter strategy to handle negative reviews except keeping your product quality highest. If our products are good and acceptable to consumers, then there should be no negative reviews.  Keep in the mind that most negative reviews come up because the consumer does not get what they expected while buying online.  

“If at all, we come across negative reviews, we take this at highest priority and I personally like to attend these negative reviews, understand how genuine are they and if they are genuine, my first action is to listen to the customer on what has made them unhappy and immediately opted for them, “Shyamal Panchmatia, MD, LB Industries.

At last, reviews/ feedbacks are indispensable part of the brand’s growth. Genuine reviews not only build the positive outlook of the brand which in return helps in garnering the loyal customer base. But, with increasing digital influence managing digital reviews is a tough call.. with no concrete answer.

Hope you find above read useful. Kindly comment right beneath this article in the comment section and share with us your experience pertaining to digital reviews of your brand..










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