5 Ways To Build Brand & Earn Customer Loyalty

Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand. Both the factors are critical for establishing brand presence and long time success.
5 Ways To Build Brand & Earn Customer Loyalty

This loyalty keeps the revenue flowing besides building the relationship with the clients.


For building the brand reputation and the loyalty of the business, it is important to serve customers for their specific requirements when customers interact with the business website or the app.


A brand’s loyal customers are those who are going to interact with the business (through app or website) to buy products even if products are not on sale.- (discount)



That’s how loyalty works for the brands.


Your loyal clients will do repetitive business with you keeping their loyalty intacted to the brand.


But what exactly goes into building this loyalty?


What are those metrics that keep clients a resourceful asset to the business? Is it possible for new brands to be the exclusive choice of the clients? Let’s find out answers to all these queries here.


Different businesses have varied approaches to measure customer loyalty. But the most common one is the number of repetitive purchases from a brand by the customers. This could be measured by gathering data around how many times a person has interacted with the official website or made purchases through the app. Though they may not be big purchases, it is likely that revenue from these repetitive purchases has added to the overall revenue of the brand over the years.


With only a 5% improvement in customer retention rate business can yield up to 25-100% increase in the profit margin. If customers are happy with the services of a brand they won’t hesitate from frequent buying.


Let’s Now Look At The Ways On How Brands Can Build Customer Loyalty


#Know Your Customers & Let Them Know You


Don’t you feel overwhelmed when you meet a person just for the second time even though he remembers your name and other information that you shared in the first meeting? Same goes with customers when they interact with an app of exclusive brands, do some purchases and come for a second purchase. This initiates a feeling to customers that they are being cared for by the brand. A brand can perform the following actions to establish personal connections:

  • Send personalized emails. Send customers wishes on their birthdays, anniversary, and other special days
  • Make them feel overwhelmed with special discount on any of their special days
    #Make Customer Loyalty Easier
    Have you experienced the way Amazon or any other eCommerce brand keeps your data (credit card details/ purchase history/ product recommendation depending upon last purchase) with them in order to garner a feeling that they know you even if they don’t? Making it easy for clients to interact with your app is the first step towards earning their loyalty. Brands can perform the following actions for the same.
  • Making brand interaction much easier. Avoid implementing processes that take considerable time
  • Keep them updated about every new update though app notifications or personalized emails
    #Reward Loyalty To The Customers
    Brands have been actively implementing customer loyalty programs to offer exclusive deals. For example, Starbucks offers stars to the customers with every purchase that they can double at certain days of a month to earn special status in their loyalty programs. This program has considerably helped Starbucks to gather an enormous amount of data about their clients. Brands can rewards loyalty by:
  • Running prime membership programs for exclusive clients
  • Trying punch cards (offering customers punch cards on their every visit and offering them something free of cost after a considerable amount of cards have been submitted.
    #Encourage Customer Feedback
    Customer reviews go hand in hand with customer loyalty. Good reviews draw prospects to the business, good services make prospects your clients, and satisfied clients leave good reviews. The first step in this cycle is good services. Make sure your customers have good times while interacting with your app and they get overwhelmed while getting in contact with the customer service team. Here are the ways to encourage good customer feedback.
  • Paying attention to every client’s requirement even if it is acute. Include different channels including social also
  • Asking for reviews through email
    #Offer Convenience While Providing Services
    Making customers’ lives easier is a step forward towards brand building and establishing customer loyalty. Think about the ways that can help make customers’ experiences better with the brand. Streamline the checkout process so that it is easier for clients to get in and out easily. Implement checkout processes that are not long enough to perform. Here are the ways to establish customer convenience.
  • Implement step-by-step checkout process
  • Consider customer appreciation programs on different channel
    In Conclusion
    Once customers have made a certain number of purchases, they are sure to return to the similar brand for making more purchases. It’s all about how the brand has treated their clients and the customers have felt about it. If the customer engagement  experience of clients has remained an excellent one, Congrats your brand is in the line of their favourite ones. 
    Author Bio: Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services.
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