Advergaming the new buzzword

Do you wish to engage customers in gaining insights about your brand? Let them delve into 'Advergaming', a strategy to create stronger brand recall! For gamers what could be better than engaging in a game for a brand they identify with!
McDonalds game

If you’re wondering what Advergaming is… well it refers to developing a game to advertise a brand. In this tool, a retailer can wrap a brand’s core message in a gaming format in a fun yet discreet style. This is a way of creating an experience for a customer with a brand with ample quality of interaction.

Changing preferences
As the youth brigade is hooked onto gaming websites a lot and is also the most targeted group among retailers, this seems to be the perfect option for you to capture their attention in a way that is recognised by them. This helps to create awareness and encourage user interactivity with the brand. Also as the media consumption habit of readers is rapidly changing and there is a shift in orientation towards the internet this trick will work in your favour. 

Traditional advertising tools v/s advergaming
The question that arises when opting for a new medium for advertising is whether it is competitive in its price? Whether it is effective enough? And the answer to both these questions is a yes! When talking of the price, the cost of developing an advergame around your retail brand can run into a few lakhs. According to Rohit Sharma, COO, Zapak Digital Entertainment, “The cost of an advergame is about five lakh.” When compared to other mediums of advertising the expenditure on an advergame seems like peanuts and also considering that India has a decent amount of people who have access to the internet. 

When talking of its influence, the experience of a customer engaged in an advergame is atleast four to five minutes as compared to a 30-second exposure to a TVC, 10-15 seconds to a print and hoardings. Also the involvement in advergaming is greater as it requires more concentration and energy on the game. 

Viral marketing
Advergaming is further assisted by viral-marketing, where gamers forward the game links to their friends asking them to try out the games. This way the word is spread around and more and more people indulge themselves in the game and hence the brand.  

The gusto
These games bring an adrenaline rush by facilitating an extended dialogue with the gamers. An added advantage that can be tagged with advergaming is that these are available online 24/7 and can be accessed as per the convenience of a customer. A print or TVC advertisement is not forced upon him and he does not have to indulge in when it is thrown upon him. Here it is him who decides what to watch and when! This can be a very useful parameter which can help you to know how popular your brand is. 

Advergaming on the mobile
Advergaming is not just limited to the web but has made its way to the mobile phone as well. Certain applications in the mobile phones allow you to download versions of games and continue the gaming spree. As the youth forms a bulk of the country's 100 million cellular phone users, advergaming is set to gush further! 

Turn off
People get bored and to keep up the interest of a customer in your game, you need to ensure that the presence of advertisement does not be in excess so as to diminish the fun element of the game. When we asked Rahul, an avid gamer if he would feel interrupted by an ad message in a game, he said, “As long as the game is fun a small ad message would not affect me.” To ensure this, the brand, the content partner and the game developer need to seek an efficient and effectual synergy amongst them.  

Advergaming can be a very useful element of the short term advertisement strategy. If all the factors are given due consideration, this will surely help you and your brand score well with the customer!


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