Amul girl remains young at 50

No brand ambassador for Amul, sticks to its 50 year old polka dots girl.
Amul girl forever

When most of the brands are making a beeline for getting a celebrity to endorse,  there is one brand which is still committed to its 50 year long relationship. While brands are increasing ad spends and escalating their marketing budgets, Amul plans to stick to its less than one per cent of turnover for its proceeds for marketing all inclusive.

Emami is amongst the top brands engaged in celebrity endorsements. They also hired five sports personalities for a single brand under Emami. While Limca has signed an endorsement deal with Kareena Kapoor which is already on air, Maggi has finished making a fun advertisement with Amitabh Bachchan. All of these come at a cost which shoots up the marketing budgets. Most of the industry rides on an average expenditure of seven to 10 per cent of sales in the FMCG sector for diverting towards marketing.

The lovable little girl in polka dots has been the face of Amul for over four decades now. There have been several successful ad campaigns which left the audience thinking and talking about them but eventually faded with time unlike this polka girl who captures the eyeballs so naturally. Any significant incident takes place, very soon this little girl will pop up in all the national dailies with pun and fun on the incident. She now enjoys the status of a social commentator with a comical shade.

For Amul, R S Sodhi, says, “We don’t believe in making too much advances towards marketing. It is not required.” Then how do they manage in a meager one per cent? Sodhi says, “We carry out umbrella branding which caters to Amul as a brand and not to its products separately. Separate branding and marketing initiatives increase the asking price.”

At Amul, they believe that amplifying marketing spends would call for dwindle in production. Since they are a mass consumption brand, such a strategy doesn’t work with them.

Even after 50 long years, Amul’s campaign seems ageless and has captivated fans across all ages. It has kept the brand contemporary, natural and young. This is the reason why the campaign has gone ahead of promoting just sales and made Amul evolve as a brand by commenting on the popular political and social culture of India over the past four decades.

Consistency is the key word and they believe in maintaining that in all of their campaigns. They have been working with the same agency since they started their campaign and will continue the association.

Will they be able to cash in on this for another 50 years?? Well, all’s well till it solves the purpose and helps rake in the moolah. The strategy has worked so well with a brand like Amul- the name that doesn’t care a fig for celebrity endorsement. It’s a mass brand and Amul so adeptly elicited the trust of the common mass. Trust and quality is what Amul stands for today.

Also are they setting an example for others to learn from and save advances that can be used in product innovation which can help a brand reach greater heights? This is an exemplary strategy for those brands that have a strong connectivity with consumers, which stands for necessity and not for any fanciful consumption.




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