How In-store Marketing Delivers

To keep the shoppers focused on the product, marketers are helping clients to build brand loyalty through proven, effective and precise measures.
How In-store Marketing Delivers
To keep the shoppers focused on the product, marketers are helping clients to build brand loyalty through proven, effective and precise measures. 
Recent innovations at the physical retail level have seen a rise in in-store marketing, in a bid to attract the customers at the point of purchase. And, it is not just about displaying at the right place or at the perfect eye level, at the right distance or in just about the right colours, but strategically and innovatively conversing with the customer, with intent to meeting his need instantaneously. 
As per industry experts, a marketer has to keep three things in mind at the time of in-store of point-of-sale marketing: Awareness, Attitude and Trial.
While gaining attention of the customers online or via mobile might be considered the next big thing to drive sales, it is doubtless that the major share of retail sales happens in-store. Keeping in mind the fact that it is the physical retail store where most of the buying activity takes place, retailers are increasingly implementing ways to catch their customer's attention and converting casual browsing into serious buying.     
Ashwini Kharbanda, country head and managing director, OMG India, retail and shopping marketing solutions company specialising in in-store communication in modern trade segment suggests a few strategies. 
Avoiding Visual Clutter In Store
Visual clutter and advertising pollution inside retail outlets takes away from the focus of attention - the product. For advertising, condemn any optical chaos and instead focus on providing retail-friendly designs to the advertising brands. 
The basic idea behind all the designs is firmly rooted in proving innovative, clutter-breaking, standardised fixtures for a truly effective in-store advertising solution.
But that's just the beginning. One should offer complete backend support for maintenance and execution for retailer's SOH (space on hire) teams.
Taking care of Client's Requirements
Every client is different, their requirements, their target groups all well-defined, and there's a unique message they want to communicate and needless to say, it differs for every brand. To help put things in perspective, while some brands would cater to affluent urban audience in major metros, others may want to connect with the emerging tier II segment. Some clients advertise to sell a product right away, while others may wish to create brand recall. 
Innovative Branding
For Airwick - OMG conceptualised, designed and installed sensorial branding which not only provided shoppers information about their product, but they were able to smell the fragrance, thereby creating a unique sensory experience with immediate recall value. This was implemented across 12 Star Bazaar outlets in cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bengaluru with fantastic results in every outlet. 
Similarly, for PepsiCo's IPL 2014 campaign, OMG conceptualised, designed and installed live score boards at modern trade outlets. A post activity shopper survey reported that 89% of shoppers loved the innovative concept. The same survey also found that 67% shoppers who saw this score board bought the product. This activity was conducted in Delhi NCR at Auchan & Spencer's Retail.
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