How retailers celebrate childrens day?

Many retailers have introduced schemes, offers, donations et al for the unprivileged kids of the society

On the occasion of Children’s Day, many retailers have introduced schemes, offers, donations et al for the unprivileged kids of the society. Toonz Retail, the one-stop shop for all the needs and occasions for  kids ageing between 0-12 years, has launched its campaign ’Spread Smiles’ through which Toonz's loyal customers across 100+ stores donated their old clothes, toys and books, which are in good condition and got discounts on their new purchases.  This retail chain for kids had set up ’Spread Smiles’ boxes across all its 100+ stores in India from November 12 onwards, where customers could donate their kids’ old clothes, toys and books. Toonz will ensure that these gifts reach the children, who need it the most, with the help of different NGO’s.

“Every child loves being pampered on Children’s day. However there are these less fortunate one’s for whom this day has no meaning. There are many of us who genuinely want to do something for these kids and give back to the society, but hold back due to lack of time. Hence, we decided to make it easy for our customers to spread smiles on the face of the less fortunate kids. We requested all our customers to come forward and donate the old belongings of their little ones, which can be used by the needy. We are incentivising them for their kind gesture by giving them 20% discount on their new purchases”, shared Sharad Venkta, MD & CEO, Toonz Retail India Pvt. Ltd. 

Similarly, Trent Hypermarket Pvt. Ltd. collaborates with INI Farms’ consumer brand for fruits- Kimaye for an exclusive launch at Star Bazaar outlets. With an array of fresh and healthy fruits for kids to select from, Trent Hypermarket in collaboration with Kimaye fruits encourages young minds to eat healthy and inculcate the importance of eating right. 

Jamshed Daboo, Managing Director, Trent Hypermarket Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are glad to associate with INI Farms for an exclusive launch of KIMAYE fruits, which are certified for food safety and specially packed for kids. Through this initiative, we are reaching out to a young audience, encouraging them to eat fresh and right.  As a brand, Fresh Food is a focus for us & we are working towards creating partnerships that offers our customers wide choice of great quality fresh fruit and vegetables. We work with over 100 indigenous growers and source most of our vegetables directly from farms, fulfilling a strong customer promise around freshness, variety and price.”

Purnima Khandelwal, CEO, INI Farms added, “As a mother, I know how difficult it is to make children eat fruits and am also spectacle about whether the fruits are safe to consume. That’s why we decided that our children will have the safest of fruits in the most enjoyable manner. The launch of Kimaye fruits across all stores of Star Bazaar in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru is the first step towards this goal. Kimaye fruits are picked directly at farms and packed under ultra-hygienic conditions. Kimaye Fruits are certified for their quality and this partnership will ensure international standard safe food to families and the fun characters will encourage children to eat healthy.” 

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