How right packaging influence sales!

Packaging is an ever-growing industry which goes hand-in-hand with the retail brands. As long as the products are being sold in the market, packaging industry would be high in demand.
How right packaging influence sales!

Packaging is an ever-growing industry which goes hand-in-hand with the retail brands. As long as the products are being sold in the market, packaging industry would be high in demand. As another year begins, the packaging space has grown in terms of innovation and cost-effectiveness.

The consumers are moving rigorously towards e-commerce and packaging plays a vital role in their decision making while buying any product. Their spending power and behaviour also alters the trajectory of retailers and consumer good brandswhich drives key trends in this sector.

While living a life where there is always a rush, the consumers today are always on a look-out for products that are handy and easy-to-go and have maximum nutritional value. This leads to the on-pack value of a product where the packagers make sure that they attract consumer’s attention by giving crisp information with clutter-free designs.

There has been a considerable shift in the lifestyle of people from the primitive one to a modern lifestyle in this globalization era. Using an abacus in the yesteryear for calculating something, now is done with a few clicks of portable laptop, mobile phones or just a calculator. This is one of the key trends in the packaging industry as there is a need and demand of products that are handy.

From the tech-savvy world to the health-conscious people, packaging has played a major role in helping them in changing their lifestyles so easily. What if you couldn't carry your milk like you do now in those small packs? Also, how would you live such a hectic life without packed food or bags that lets you carry and keep food for a longer period of time and preventing it from being rot. Yes, here is when people realise, that packaging has taken such an important place in our lives, from the little to the larger things, everything has become so easy for retail brands which makes it a win-win situation for customers too.

With the lifestyle, the spending power of consumers’ have also changedand economic factors play a major role in determining the products they are willing to pay. Hence, the retailers use the 'KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) Formula' where they not just keep in mind the lifestyle of consumers but also keeps a check on their pockets too.

One of the top packaging trends is definitely the sustainability factor. Using eco-friendly bio-plastic and recyclable cardboard packaging, along with other eco-friendly packaging options, definitely falls in line with most companies’ updated efforts to be more earth-conscious and their mandates to reduce material consumption that end up in landfills.

The majority of the packaging industry has accepted that sustainability is the way to go, and are committed to reducing energy and water consumption, along with improving materials used and the resulting processes. Packaging companies hope that this trend continues into the future to really accelerate the efforts set forth by others to save the world and reduce landfill waste. Not only is this sustainability initiative making packaging more functional, but it’s also appearing much sleeker and smoother and pleasing to the eye. It is a winning combination for everyone.The Packaging & Design solutions should offer the 3 P’s of Packaging PRESERVE –PROTECT AND PROMOTE.

 The trends in the packaging industry reflect a combination of the evolution of consumer demands and technical ability of graphic designers.

The technical ability of designers has evolved and is pushing the boundaries of design. On top of this, packaging companies are responding to the rapid evolution of design capabilities to provide a complete range of complex packaging solutions.

Here are some New Trends emerging in the field of packaging:

Subjectivity - Everyone has a view on packaging. Marketers who understand their target audience and provide graphic designers with a clear brief of their requirements tend to produce winning packaging solutions.

Sustainability- The world's focus is on sustainability. Everyone is keeping an eye on what companies are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. Packaging that provides for the sustainability of our planet will be favoured by consumers. Recycling will become critical in all forms of packaging and printers are continually seeking ways to incorporate recyclable materials.

Information requirements-Modern packaging is more than a protective product covering or container. Legislation now requires specific information to be displayed, which differs substantially from industry to industry, and can challenge graphic design solutions. Health and safety warnings have become increasingly critical on packaging. Added to this are a number of icons, symbols and messages that command space.

House brands versus the rest- Retail stores are stocking more "House Brands" that are creeping onto prime shelf space. Marketers are being tested in the modern competitive shop space and, while emphasis is placed on responsible packaging solutions, they have to ensure their brands remain attractive and a first choice option for consumers. The range of packaging solutions available today offers marketers and graphic designers a significant choice to keep brands on a highly competitive road.

Innovation - Marketing has moved into an exciting future. With so much competition, marketers are looking at unique interactions with their audience. This, largely, entails innovative packaging as consumers interact with brands more and more on social media platforms. Packaging plays a critical role in the entire marketing experience and marketers are paying significant attention to this aspect of the marketing mix.

With this there is also a significant growth in the entrants in retail industry which makes it difficult for every brand to stand out. This is where packaging plays a crucial role. Packaging lets every brand stand out in its own unique way. It's rightly said, 'Good packaging protects your product. Great packaging protects your brand'.

Packaging not just let a brand stand out, but also ensures that more product is packed inside the pre-defined shape. Faster the retail brands takes a step forward to take a cost-effective initiative to use the right amount of product in the best possible packaging, better the reliability gets towards the brands for consumers.

The article has been pen pen down by Ashwani, K. Sharma, President & CEO Uflex Ltd.

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