Powerful promotions work

Promotion, an essential part of marketing strategies of any business, is responsible for a substantial contribution to a brands success. Promotional strategies inside stores and shopping malls work well with customers. Lets delve in to know
Promoting right

Today, retailers have learnt about consumer’s psyche and know what clicks well with them. Instead of you walking into shops, shops are walking up to your doorstep by way of contests and campaigns promising you an audience with celebrities whom you dreamt of, a substantial amount of money in a lucky draw or just another offer. By nature, consumers are inquisitive about products and, at the same time, eager to learn about the unknown product. Retailers are aware of this and in a mad race to grab attention on consumers; they resort to various marketing and promotional tools that catalyse footfalls and consequently, sale figures. Retailers need to make their brands popular and cash counters ringing. Acting as a bridge between the brand and the consumer, promotional campaigns and advertisements serve towards fulfilling this need. Promotions contribute to increase the sales and they are over and above the normal marketing strategies. A promotional campaign gives a live experience and builds a rapport with the audience and turn prospective customers into buyers.  

Promotional strategies
Every brand has its own promotional strategies and the kind of service offered can be lucky draws, free service for a day or specific hours usually called ‘happy hours’, coupon system and valuable cards offering different kinds of memberships.  

Mobile promotional strategies: This includes moving of trolleys inviting people to visit stores, giving handouts and encouraging shoppers to participate in lucky draws. 

Static promotional strategies: One thing is to get a customer inside the store and another is to promote the brand by providing an experience of the brand to prospective customers with their offerings for e.g. a candy store may offer candies for tasting for customers so that it’s easy for them to make a choice.  

Interactive promotional strategies: In the middle of the mall, a stage is set up for games, contests or ramp shows and the like, depending on what you are promoting. In this way, the customer is let to experience the brand through interaction and participation in an event or contest.  
Effect on sales
Promotion is a powerful strategy in making brands popular, inviting customers to have a ‘Brand Experience’ and hence encouraging sales. Brands spend a fair amount in advertising and promotion so as to reach out to every corner of their target area. Promotions attract customers and helps create awareness and trials. But, it is not necessary that they generate ‘repeats’. Promotional strategies can get the attention of shoppers but the repeats are dependant on the quality of the products and the service provided. The main purpose however is to make customers walk inside an outlet. If an outlet is offering a discount and a customer is tempted to walk in and ends up buying but if he is not happy with what he has bought, he will not come back to the store. In this case the brand will be unsuccessful despite having attractive promotions.  
Word of caution
There are brands offering never-before-prices and month-long discounts. Over promotion would only dilute the brand equity and credibility. So, promotion strategies should be used with utmost caution and control. If a brand is constantly in sales offering discounts, the brand equity is disturbed and tends to go down. There is a very thin line between attractive promotions and ‘over the board’ promotions. So they must keep this very important factor in consideration.  

Promotions are a way of keeping the customers interest intact. Brand names offering services and products worth customer’s money will go on and survive competition in the market. 

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