Retailers exploring re-positioning !

Many industry stalwarts are experimenting with this tactics
Retailers exploring re-positioning

Brand building is quite an important part of overall marketing strategies to imprint the brand in consumer’s mind.  Brand logo, tagline and layout are integral parts of overall brand personality.  In recent months, many prominent brands like Titan, Reebok, Philips and Lecoanet Hemant have redone their logos, taglines as their brand repositioning strategy.  However, different retailers have different interpretations for brand re-positioning, but somewhere they seem agreed that it is crucial for brand promotion while connecting with fresh audience. Undoubtedly, the idea is hard to pin down but important for brand success in long terms. The biggest challenge in this exercise is to make sure the actual brand experience should deliver that was intended while considering the re-positioning.

‘Consolidating’ the brand

Titan, which has redone the brand identity after the hiatus of 25 years, stated that they wanted to create a strong platform and identity for the company to help communicate effectively with many stakeholders. To achieve this objective and more closely reflect the lifestyle segments they operate in, they have changed name and logo of the company. Taking this further Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited, said, “We have completed 25 years as a company and this is a good time to plan for the next phase of our journey. We were born as a single-product, single-brand company, but today we have many businesses and many brands. In this age, the role of the company behind brands becomes significant as consumers want to buy from, investors want to invest in and employees want to work for a company that they trust and respect.”

Creating a fresh image

Reebok is an established name that has created the niche as sports brand. However, the company is looking to reposition the sport brand to a fitness brand.  Addressing the same, Somdeb Basu, Brand Director, Reebok India, said, “As a part of the strategy, the company would reposition the existing stores into the new model once the contract of the franchisee is expired.”

Likewise, Philips India is in the middle of transforming its business. Now the company wants to focus more on lighting and healthcare products. As per the strategy, the company has changed its name to Philips India from Philips Electronics India. The company has also changed its tagline 'sense and simplicity' with 'innovation and you' along with redesigned logo. Speaking on the same, Vivek Sharma, Marketing Manager, Phillips India, said, “ The company, along with its agency Ogilvy & Mather, had undertaken extensive qualitative and quantitative research with consumers and customers in India before arriving at the new brand positioning.”

Going global

Lecoanet Hemant, a high-end fashion retailer, has reinvented themselves with the brand’s new look in accordance with their global expansion plans. They have undertaken a full re-branding strategy which includes the logo, the garment tags and in-store graphics. As per the company’s release, Lecoanet Hemant is urging for a global look something that wasn’t obviously European or Asian and can complement with all.

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