Significant store marketing solutions

Fetching the street crowd into your store requires some unique promotional launches, events, offers, schemes etc. Read below and see which will work the best for you out of these?
Banner- A  store marketing weapon

To bring customers from a particular region where the store exists, store marketing plays a pivotal role to pull in customers from the catchment area. Store marketing activities concentrate mostly on the habitants of that place where the store is located. The objective of store marketing is to inform, educate and create a buzz among the surrounding area of the store. Conveying a message through different mediums is a real challenge for the merchant. And in doing so, it is below the line advertising, which is more effective than above the line advertising. 

Importance of store marketing
Store marketing is a very effective way to drive sales, frequency, loyalty and awareness among the community. A retailer opting for store marketing promotions can eliminate other forms of advertising expenditures. However, prior to advertising through this medium a retailer must keep in mind these factors to reap maximum benefits - the purpose should be specific, well-coordinated, and consistently executed across stores. This process ingrains the brand in the minds of the neighbourhood community. Also, store marketing strategy is a cost effective technique that can build a long term relation with the target customers as well as with few communities of that area.  

What fits in? 
Store marketing practices should be an ongoing effort. For store marketing, distributing leaflets, flyers work best. Atul Takle, Head-Corporate Communication, Pantaloon Retail informs, “For store marketing activities the visual merchandising of the store is very important. If you have a certain discount on certain products the product display should be such that it shows on the merchandise placement, such products should not be hidden behind the racks. At Big Bazaar store, we employ staff who promotes products inside the store itself. They use speakers to convey this promotional offer to the insiders.” While Andreas Gellner, MD, Adidas India, informs, “Some examples of store marketing at Adidas are - use of the brand ambassadors and technology tools to drive footfalls and support business. The opportunity to meet sports icons continues to be a powerful draw for consumers – especially in the smaller cities – and we have used Indian and international athletes to give consumers a ‘money can’t buy experience’.” 

The merchandise assortment of the store should also be designed keeping in mind the demand and wish list of your neighborhood population. For instance, if your surrounding area consists of non-vegetarian people then you must consider keeping non-vegetarian merchandise also. This will work wonders and will help you establish a long relationship with your customers. This eventually, may enable you to get a loyal customer base.  

To sum up, it can be said that store marketing needs to be a part of your promotional strategy. It is about building relationships, creating a venue for activity or entertainment, and serving the needs of customers within the 3-5 mile radius around the store.  

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