Top 4 tips to leverage maximum from influencer marketing!

Digital influencers are the new breed of marketers who have brought 360 degree shift in traditional approach adopted by brands when it comes to brand promotion.
Top 4 tips to leverage maximum from influencer marketing!

Digital influencers are the new breed of marketers who have brought 360 degree shift in traditional approach adopted by brands when it comes to brand promotion.

Purchasing decision of customers is influenced by many factors; accordingly brands decide on their marketing strategy. With changing time the mode of marketing is also changing. Now social media influencers especially play a vital role as far as brand management is concerned. In fact, celebrity marketing has start taking back seat due to growing influence of digital influencers.

Speaking on influencer marketing, Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland said,” Maximum youth is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they follow the influencers and the trends that they set. Therefore, many brands opt for influencer marketing. It helps create brand awareness and it is also cost efficient. In our experience of collaborating with influencers we have seen a rise in our sales and recognition.”

 Witnessing the products being worn by top bloggers or celebrities and its positive reviews it helps a customer to finally make the purchase decision. No doubt, influencer marketing is an effective tool for brand promotion; however, working with right influencer is equally important. Every brand may love working with some influencer/ marketer but the attaining the positive results is really a challenge here.

Here are few tips to leverage maximum from influencer marketing:

Syncing with brand’s language is important

Garnering the positive reviews through Social influencers is an integral part of every brand’s mgt strategy. Having said that, it’s of critical importance that the kind of influencer we work with speaks brand language, understands the ethos very well and reaches out to the audience which is part of our targeted sphere.

“There are definitely certain challenges in tracking & giving out estimation of the exact business generated through these activities, however we do track the in traffic & revenues for these specific dates. Moreover at Vajor we look at these activities as Brand awareness & online engagement activities rather that immediate conversion tactical,” informed Ena Bansal, Chief Digital Strategist, Vajor. 

“ Few months back, we did a travelogue with 3 known influencers to promote our new collection, which performed well on all social media and helped us getting great engagement. We do look at co-creating lots of content pieces with influencers and take their help in extending the reach,” Bansal added further.

One-off or ad hoc approach

Social media influencers can help build on the brand’s visibility and personality but it would be incorrect to think of them as a one-off or ad hoc approach to combat negative reviews. Social media influencer engagement strategy has to be a part of the overall well-thought out marketing strategy and only then can it benefit the brand.

“Firstly, influencers who fit the brand’s personality and values have to be chosen with a lot of care and diligence – just checking their followership will not be sufficient. Secondly, influencers who have bought inactive / bot profiles as followers can again mess up the ROI of a brand strategy. Thirdly, coordination between all the influencers such that the messaging is amplified at the right time, is very important,” said Ankit Garg, Co-founder and CEO,

Don’t be sway by paid reviews

Reviewers and bloggers also have their ratings and credibility. So it is needless to say that consumers know and are aware of the genuinity of the review. “Consumers cannot be fooled regularly by paid reviews. In fact, social media bloggers and influencers are creating awareness of what’s new in the market and what should be tried. They first try the products themselves and then once convinced, they will post or blog about the products. They will usually never write without being sure themselves,” said Shyamal Panchmatia, MD, LB Industries

Digital coupons

Digital coupon or a ticket is the most effective and convenient way to track the results from influencer marketing drive. The brand can ask influencer to offer a ticket or digital coupon to its audiences, which can be availed at a specified point of sale. Brands can continue the conversation via C2 based email marketing or SMS based notifications. With the lure of discounts and free gifts, focus on attaining valuable data such as phone numbers or email addresses.















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