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Sunjay Guleria, General Manager - Business and official spokesperson of talks to Retailer Media about creating an effective mix of fashion and home décor at with luxury being the constant. Tell us about your story so far. What has changed in all these years? ‘Exclusively’

BY Sharmila Das  |  Aug 11, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

In today’s retail businesses, customer’s experience takes the main focus of the whole business. With this regard, standing in the queue takes lot of patience of the customers to get the bill done on the counters and exit from the store for the next activity lined up. Researchers in the field have opined that customers

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Entrepreneurs, by nature, are better communicators than the rest of us. They ensure that communication is effective both within their business and with their stakeholders and customers. Planned communications Communication does not just happen it should be thought and thoroughly planned. Firstly, what is the purpose of your

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Innovation attracts people to itself. Something unusual or unique always has more takers. Modern day retailers are trying all possible means to woo the customers by roping in innovative techniques that would help them create a unique brand image in the competitive market.  Changing patternsRetailers are introducing different ways to

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Retailing and insurance are closely related practices, as insurance gives an umbrella cover to the retail business, against several unforeseen risks. In modern times, a trader invests his whole life’s earnings on his business. But the happenings of the future cannot be predicted. Misfortunes can fall on any one at any time. A

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The greatest problem for a retailer is when goods leave the retail store or the warehouse without a matching payment. In retail vernacular it’s called “shrinkage”. Retail shrinkage is the difference between book stock and actual stock. Shrinkage is an industry hazard. According to the second annual Global Retail Theft

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As I drove into the massive parking lot of the newly opened mall in the city, I was stopped by a burly 6ft man in a uniform of a security guard. He smiled and requested the car boot to be opened. As he checked the car for any questionable object, he rolled a mirror like thing under the car as well. After A ten minute exercise, I

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EAS is a technology commonly used to prevent shoplifting from retail stores. In the application of this technology, specialised tags are attached to merchandise which cannot be removed by hand and require a specific tool. Also when this is put to use, a detection system is installed at the exit of the store which raises an alarm when it

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The world economy has been under tremendous pressure in the last 12 months, many countries going through negative growth, with serious implications on the retail and consumer goods companies. Our country has also its own share of concerns, but overall we have been able to maintain a much better GDP growth rate of 6.5% in 2008-09, and

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Market based on strong infrastrutureA strong domestic market, with relatively low dependence on exports, combined with high savings, has made India one of the best performers in this global slowdown. In fact the economic meltdown had little impact on many quarters of Indian economy. India’s low reliance on exports, evident from

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