Mask Brands Innovate to Stay Relevant Post Pandemic
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Mask Brands Innovate to Stay Relevant Post Pandemic

Despite facing a challenging year, we all have got used to the new normal. The most important accessory that we have learnt to adorn is the mask. And to capture this evolving market of masks, many new brands were born amid the lockdown. 

These mask brands have been innovating new and quirky options to capture the maximum share of the market.

Emerging Trends

The latest designs that have become the talk of the town are quirky masks with messages, masks for various occasions and masks specially designed to attend weddings. Apart from this, I-protect has introduced eco-friendly pure hemp mask.

“The brands are also experimenting by providing various options like masks with adjustable nose clips and soft ear loops, masks with accessories like ear protectors, or eyeglass chains that double up as mask chains. Apart from this, there are other options like single-layered, double-layered and three-layered masks and consumers can also opt for a portable air purifier that one can wear on the face like a mask,” says Rishi Mehra, Founder, Guardwiser.

Children Mask Industry: How Is It Different?

WHO and UNICEF advise children aged five years and under should not be required to wear masks. Children aged 6-11 years should consider wearing masks. However, there has been an upswing in demand for masks as soon as the schools reopened.

 “We have antiviral masks for kids as they are very prone to infections when they go out to attend school,” says Kapil Bhatia, CEO, Unimask.

“I-protect offers three types of mask for children. We have adorable denim mask. Studies show that denim is a very protective material against particles. Hemp is highly recommended for children, so I-protect manufactures particularly small-size pure hemp masks for children. We also have an anti-droplets hat for kids,” adds Simran, Founder, I-protect.

Guardwiser focuses on making a mask targeted at children 12 and over. Their masks for children contain no carcinogenic compounds and use green material. 

“Guardwiser is making a more child-centric range that will be smaller in size to fit their face appropriately and ones with more imaginative prints that would appeal to them,” states Mehra.

Post Pandemic: Role of Masks 

Masks have become a part of the lifestyle. Despite getting vaccinated many people still prefer to wear masks. The masks are expected to stay relevant even post-pandemic as they also help people to save from the adverse impact of pollution.

“It probably takes a pandemic of this scale to change human behavior. Post pandemic, there will be new social norms globally. Healthy people concerned about avoiding germs and spreading illness will continue to adopt masks, especially in crowded areas such as using subways, buses, airplanes, or going to supermarkets, concerts, etc. Masks will also be widely used in urban environments due to the high air pollution levels as they protect from particulate matter, pollen, bacteria, smoke and dust,” concludes Mehra.

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