Paradigm Shift in the Consumption of Organic Food
Paradigm Shift in the Consumption of Organic Food

India has the highest number of organic food producers globally, and with a boom in demand, this industry is ever-growing. 

According to a report released by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GoI, “India’s export of organic food products rose by 51 percent to USD 1,040 million (Rs 7,078 crore) during the financial year 2020-21 compared to the previous fiscal (2019-20).”

The organic industry is undoubtedly booming, and the demand is increasing by the day. This growing demand and rising number of organic products are driving the Indian businesses too. India is an agricultural country, and with a conscious shift towards organic farming, India can become a dominant power in the world organic industry.

With the pandemic rising havoc, people prefer organic food to conventionally grown food because of the health benefits. From the wellness industry to the food industry, organic products are enormously high in demand. People are learning the long-term health benefits of consuming chemical-free food, and they are ready to shell out a few extra bucks and move away from conventionally grown food. They realize that organic products give them a healthy and disease-free lifestyle for longer, saving them from humongous medical bills in the future.

This paradigm shift in consumption pattern comes with the following benefits:

Environment Friendly: Organic products are the savior of the environment. The foods blend with the environment without causing any harm to the soil. The chemical-free agricultural technique restores the essential elements of the soil, which are taken away by chemicals. Growing the food traditionally maintains balance in the environment. They do not contain any harmful substances that might affect the environment, and this is also one reason people prefer organic products over conventional products.

Multiple Health Benefits: The high nutritional value is the key factor that attracts consumers to organic products. The saying "you're as good as the food you eat" is valid for organic products. Organically grown superfoods have tremendous health benefits. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and no preservatives will keep multiple ailments in check by regularizing hormones and boosting metabolism. An organic diet positively impacts the energy levels in the body and keeps cravings at bay. Health always comes first. Considering the ongoing pandemic, health is the top priority. People are using various remedies and exercises to stay fit and healthy. Some of these factors are the reason why people are shifting towards organic products. 

Good Taste with Nutrition: Healthy nutrition with good taste is what the consumer wants. Some organic products may taste bland and favor less, but it comes with many health benefits. Big restaurants have started using organic food and opting for them at a considerable rate.

E-commerce is Growing: E-commerce seems to be a perfect choice for organic food retailers because the Indian e-commerce companies are deepening their impact across most sectors from agriculture to health with the proper intervention of innovative technologies to bring in much-needed democratization and efficiencies. 

According to a news report, the Indian e-commerce sector is estimated to reach USD 99 billion by 2024, growing at a 27 percent CAGR over 2019-24, with grocery and fashion/ apparel likely to be the critical drivers of incremental growth. 

Another lucrative benefit of selling organic food online is the reach of these e-commerce platforms. Convenience first customers widely use these platforms, and the strong logistics only add to their USP. Therefore, the penetration of these platforms cannot be challenged or compared with any offline store.

Organic food companies must take advantage of this growing demand for their category. Platforms generate maximum sales from the value-first customer, and it is essential to note that price plays a significant role in the buying decision of such a customer. It is only wise to suggest that new-age marketing strategies are the only way to convince the intelligent customer to choose you over your competition. 

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