The Future of Online FMCG Segment in India
The Future of Online FMCG Segment in India

E-commerce in India has seen a big jump in its approach and processing. The traditional e-commerce set-up has now taken a 360-degree turn as compared to what it used to be a few years back. To be precise, the segment is seeing an impactful difference every year. 

The advancement of technology over the years and its increasing use across the sector has made everything very approachable. Although it has made everything very competitive at the same time the entire sector is evolving innovatively. A few years back just the thought that you could get anything delivered to your doorstep with the help of your phone was a far-fetch dream, but now this is just a normal practice. 

Similarly, the sector will see significant changes in the coming years which now feel unattainable. 

Also, consumer behavior has also drastically changed over the years. Consumers now want easy and quick service and with all the changes that we have seen in the FMCG and e-commerce segment, the demand has seen unpredictable growth. Consumers now expect relevant changes which cater to them with quick service with good quality. 

In order to deliver orders on time, the online FMCG retail sector had somewhere started compromising on the quality of the delivered products and now they are making it a priority since the consumer is not ready to compromise on that ground. Apart from this, the pandemic has brought a significant difference in the consumer approach. Now, they are more reliant on online stores for services in order to avoid public interaction. This has given a further boom to the sector. 

This change of attitude towards online stores has brought a major shift in the entire market. They have now become an integral part of consumer’s lives. There is tough competition within the market and everyone is working at bringing something new to the table every other day. The sector has been working together to give consumers a good experience and this competitiveness is what will drive towards a good future for the segment. The future of the online FMCG sector in India will be written by consumers and the suppliers of the segment. We should be all set to see some major alterations in the segment as to how it works right now and how the introduction of technologies will change the entire working of the sector. 

The future of online FMCG can be integrated with different ideas:-

-    Blockchain to Empower Generations and Enable E-commerce as a True World-Changer - This is something that will change the entire perception of the sector. Blockchain is the future and with its introduction in the online FMCG segment, the market will see a major difference. It will empower more people and give the sector an impactful position in the entire market. The sector is already powerful and this shift will make its position even more powerful in the future. 

-    Special Delivery System for Consumers - The sector is already competing to deliver at the best speed to the consumers and is doing every possible thing to be the fastest. In the future we can see a special delivery system for the consumers and to specify, we might see the use of drones for the delivery of goods and this once implemented will bring a great change in the working of the sector and an increased efficiency.  

-    Importance of Human Touch in the Segment - With time, in order to compete, the sector is somewhere losing the importance of human touch. While thinking about consumers, we are avoiding the vendors. With time we look forward to this particular change that we have already taken up as a company. We send our vendors directly to the customers for better service and good quality and these are significant changes that we look forward to in the future. 

-     Shift of Consumers Towards Online Store - We are seeing a complete change in consumer behavior, specifically post-pandemic. But even now, we do have a set of consumers who are doubtful about shifting to online for their daily needs and prefer the traditional way, specifically in India. But with time we do expect this change and an entire shift towards online stores. This will take time as consumers need to trust the quality that will be provided to them.

-    Having a Sustainable Model and Expanding in Accordance with the Environment - This is very important and like every sector is working on building a sustainable model and so is the online FMCG sector. We can see more environment-friendly models being introduced and this will change the entire working of the segment. To make our contribution for the same, we are shifting towards an EV delivery system from the regular CNG model to make a difference from our end.

FMCG has completely embraced e-commerce as the way ahead. Post-pandemic, the way we live has changed forever. E-commerce is the key to make this new normal transition smooth, acceptable, and adaptable. Fruits and vegetables as a unique segment on the e-commerce platform have a very bright future ahead. Even agri-tech start-ups have started exploring possibilities and empowering e-commerce to become potent and people-friendly. The FMCG and e-commerce segment will comprise more than 50 percent of the entire market in the next few years and the growth that this sector will see cannot be imagined right now. The pace at which the sector is growing will see a great jump specifically in India since consumer behavior is seeing a quick shift here.

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