Gender Neutrality, Body Positivity and Sustainability: The Biggest Trend in the Fashion Industry
Gender Neutrality, Body Positivity and Sustainability: The Biggest Trend in the Fashion Industry

With realism making waves across all industries, there is a growing need for both makers and consumers to focus on the real stuff. It's high time we move away from hourglass figures as the ultimate ideal of bodies and start focusing on real skin, real bodies and real sizes. Not only does it promote a healthier body image but also it is more inclusive and a revolutionizing step to take away the pressures the younger generation today might feel to look a certain way. With brands choosing more plus size models to influencers promoting body positivity and talking about #Nofilters, it is a great move that is not only working in the present time to normalize being you but is working simultaneously to break the barrier of bullying, judgements, mental and physical pressure to look a certain way. The ideal today is a healthy body and not a slim one.

Social media, brands, magazines, influencers, bollywood and pop culture are doing their bit to trickle down in the mindsets of people that it is okay to be you and the narrative of 'desire' is also changing slowly and gradually.

From Hailey Bieber donning an oversized hoodie to Indian influencers styling androgynous or gender neutral clothing, this trend is more than just a viral sensation, it's a move towards being more inclusive, gender positive and fluid to embrace and give space to a future where you are free to be you. It also takes away the pressure to dress up a certain way to validate your gender preferences.

Talking about sustainability, leading brands across several domains like clothes, food, accessories, and electronics are also moving towards a future that minimizes plastic waste in terms of packaging and delivery. Even the making of the product is being altered to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. Restaurants are moving towards a more wood or plastic free arena whereas fashion brands focus on using sustainable materials and minimizing their packaging to be more eco friendly without taking away the efficiency quotient.

There are several brands that are basing their entire marketing positioning around the idea of being the pioneers of future fashion by making sustainability, equality and body positivity as their main pillars. One such Indian brand that is bringing about a wave of change in the Indian Couture market is Equl store, a one of a kind and India's first complete gender neutral clothing brand. It is unique not only in its social messaging and brand positioning which is body positivity and androgynous clothing, its first line features the use of cotton and hemp as main fabrics promising and promoting sustainable fashion. A contemporary range of clothing that features fits, sizes and colors that are completely gender neutral and breaks away from the conditioning of "Pink is for girls and blue is for boys''. “At Equl, we believe that fashion is truly inclusive and for one and all, regardless of people's size, shape, gender,” Charu Sharma, Founder, Equl store said.

By choosing sustainable fashion you are not only choosing chemical free safe clothing but also doing a little bit for the environment. It is safe to say that Gender Neutrality, Sustainability and Body Positivity are the hottest trends rising in the year 2022.

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