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Retail is the people's business and like the consumers, retail professionals too are the valuable asset. This section covers the issues related to HR or Human Resources.

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Innovation attracts people to itself. Something unusual or unique always has more takers. Modern day retailers are trying all possible means to woo the customers by roping in innovative techniques

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Better motivated staff always equals a higher productivity, which in turn means higher profits. A retailer has to employ just a little bit of creativity and thought in letting his staff know that

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Rewarding your employees is a great way to motivate them to get out there and make profits for your business. Apart from the insurances such as medical, dental and life many companies offer gift

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The retail Industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and rapid paced industries with abundant players entering the market. Cashing on the growth prospects, many retail schools are

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Retailing and insurance are closely related practices, as insurance gives an umbrella cover to the retail business, against several unforeseen risks. In modern times, a trader invests his whole

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The greatest problem for a retailer is when goods leave the retail store or the warehouse without a matching payment. In retail vernacular it’s called “shrinkage”. Retail shrinkage

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As I drove into the massive parking lot of the newly opened mall in the city, I was stopped by a burly 6ft man in a uniform of a security guard. He smiled and requested the car boot to be opened. As

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EAS is a technology commonly used to prevent shoplifting from retail stores. In the application of this technology, specialised tags are attached to merchandise which cannot be removed by hand and

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The world economy has been under tremendous pressure in the last 12 months, many countries going through negative growth, with serious implications on the retail and consumer goods companies. Our

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Market based on strong infrastrutureA strong domestic market, with relatively low dependence on exports, combined with high savings, has made India one of the best performers in this global slowdown.

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More than half of the organised retail in our country is operated by small businessmen. Most retail brands like Reebok, Next, Levi’s, etc have expanded through the franchise route. In A and B

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