Changing Consumer Trends and Shift Towards Sustainable Products
Changing Consumer Trends and Shift Towards Sustainable Products

With changing times and increased awareness, climate change, sustainability, and conscious living have paved a way for mindful living where we co-exist with nature and the environment at large. In a time where we are living the new normal life, people are more inclined towards green and sustainable living. As one traverses through the changes as a result of the pandemic, sustainable and locally sourced products have seen an upward curve, suffice to say the trend is here to stay. 

Across segments like home care, personal care, and even apparel and accessories, people have adopted a conscious lifestyle, to ensure the choices they make have a positive impact on the environment as well as upkeep a holistic approach to consumerism. There is a wide range of products available in every sector which supports sustainable living. With the impetus provided by e-commerce platforms and multiple avenues for small, home-grown brands, sustainable products have been reaching environment-conscious consumers far and wide. 

There are a plethora of brands that are focusing on the three R’s (Reduce Reuse and Recycle) which are playing a key role in further educating people on the importance of conversing and maintaining ecological balance.  Luxury brand names across the globe have also been swift to adopt practices that provide consumers the best of both worlds, in terms of aesthetics and being nature-friendly. One of the key examples that is testimony to this fact is the emergence of online thrift stores that undertake to recycle clothes and provide a source of income to small business owners.

Going beyond the consumer landscape, this move to a conscious living is being supported by policy makers on a large scale platform. The ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative undertaken by the Government of India is playing a crucial role in encouraging citizens to support local businesses through the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Locally sourced products play a key role in boosting the economy by providing employment opportunities to the local vendors, whilst using products that are natural and ethically sourced.

As a lifestyle practice, sustainable living will help the next generation reap the benefits of a cleaner environment and a better overall standard of living. As we maneuver through unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic, brands are looking at sustainability from a larger lens, where consumers are able to choose from a wide range of products without compromising on the quality and aesthetic appeal. Upwardly mobile millennials have been one of the biggest catalyst in spurring this shift and encouraging marketers and brands to embrace this change.  

Personal care brands, amongst others, have noticed that consumers are reading labels beyond just the price. Natural ingredients and nature-based products are swifter to move from shelves compared to chemically enhanced variants. This has been a tipping point for manufacturers to re-align product formulation as well as the overall packaging to ensure they are bio-degradable. From a price point of view, a typical urban household is open to spending a few extra rupees on natural products, given the quality and overall efficacy of the products. 

Over the years, sustainable products have amassed popularity beyond consumer durables and have become a lifestyle practice, this is evident in everyday choices a whole generation of people are undertaking, including a shift to veganism and electric vehicles.  It goes to show that sustainable, energy-efficient living is beyond the confines of our shopping cart, it is a deliberate choice in the way of living and overall mindset. 

 As we conserve natural resources and aim to live in harmony with nature, it is always the small practices undertaken every day that makes a large impact in the long run. The products we use, the habits we imbibe, and the overall awareness we generate, as brands and as individuals will determine how we conserve nature and set precedence to the next-generation entrepreneurs. 

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