Go?Greener! Why Indian Brands are Raving About Sustainability?
Go?Greener! Why Indian Brands are Raving About Sustainability?

Over the past few years, sustainability has become the talk of the town. People are shifting from fast fashion to sustainable fashion and becoming more environmentally conscious. Hence sustainability has become a business necessity these days. It is said that the brands that don’t opt for environmentally friendly practices stand to lose their sales and customers.

“Most businesses today are earning money and at the same time putting efforts towards environmental growth and sustainability. Working for the environment not only improves a business’s reputation but helps get more customers and also helps in developing innovative strategic concepts. Plantas is India’s first and the only brand with an entire range of 100 percent natural and more than 95 percent organic personal care products certified by Ecocert Greenlife, France under Cosmos V3 standards. Sustainability is Plantas philosophy and while working in the direction of making Earth a more sustainable, safer, and a better place to live in for generations to come. Plantas ensures that all the packaging material used is either recyclable or biodegradable. Also, soon Plantas products will be packed in almost 100 percent biodegradable packing-which is why we are sustainable and we comply with the world’s sustainability standards. We also make sure that from the procurement of raw materials to processing to the final product, every step goes through a stringent, earth-friendly, and quality control process to ensure there is no trace of synthetic and harmful ingredients that may cause pollution in the environment in any manner,“ said Gautam Dhar, Managing Director & CEO, Plantas.

Anjana Pasi, Director, MiniKlub says, “The term sustainability has become very popular especially after COVID-19 as the pandemic has changed the way we buy and also it has changed the reasons we buy certain products and brands too. But the concept is ages old. It simply means making use of nature's resources while being mindful of the environment by avoiding misusing the harsh products and chemicals and damaging the environment ruthlessly. These days Indian brands are raving about sustainability. Brands that are trying to help the environment are finding more and more takers. Increased focus on localism has given the brands a new direction. Overall, the pandemic has given the trend of sustainability a right push.”

“Sustainable fashion, also known as eco-fashion is not just a mere movement/ trend towards ‘Going Green’ or sounding cool and being relative, but it is a conscious effort towards the greater good. Addressing the entire chain of garment manufacturing, the fashion industry has a clear opportunity to act differently, both for the business and the planet.  Since the time pandemic hit us, we started questioning our practices and priorities, valuing health and the environment like never before. No doubt we are here to earn profits and grow business but we have realized that we are also obligated to create new values- environmental, social, and ethical. One of the most significant reasons for the current unsustainable condition is ‘fast fashion’, a system that creates a continuous stream of new and trendy goods in the market. It has a negative impact, both on the environment as well as the quality of work culture. So, the way our industry is trying to achieve sustainability is by increasing the value of local products, prolonging the lifecycle of materials, creating timeless garments, and reducing the amount of waste. We need to collectively combat air pollution, water pollution, and overall climate change. The key is to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’,” added Neha and Tarun Kapoor, Founders, Label Neha Tarun.

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