The Rise of the Organic Apparel Market in India?
The Rise of the Organic Apparel Market in India?

The awareness and demand for organic apparel have set new standards in recent years. The companies are now coming up with sustainable apparel products not only to push the market opportunities for themselves but to join the promising bandwagon and boost the organic apparel market in India. 

This trend has been witnessed all the more in the cotton apparel sector. According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic cotton industry has witnessed 31 percent of growth within the past year and it is expected to rise by 10 percent by the end of 2021. The organic cotton industry has an important role to play in the Indian economy as India is one of the largest producers and exporters of cotton yarn across the globe. 

A Remarkable Growth in the Organic Apparel Market in India 

The flourishing organic apparel sector is boosting soil sustainability, air quality, water conservation besides improving the livelihood of farmers. Fortunately, it is helping the country fight against climate changes and ensures minimum damage to the environment. Manufacturers as well as retailers are now increasing the proportion of organic fiber used in their apparel, and simultaneously expanding an offer of 100 percent organic items to occupy the major part of the clothing sector. 

Furthermore, the ever-growing interest and demand for organic apparel is a promoting factor and an outcome of customer interest. One could easily find fiber in everything from personal care items to home furnishings. Organic fiber is used in a wide range of things, such as sanitary products, make-up removal pads, cotton puffs, bathrobes, sheets, bedding, toys, diapers for kids, sportswear, stationery, and note cards, etc just to enlist a few. 

India has observed substantial growth in the organic apparel industry due to many key factors contributing to it. Geographical conditions, land and soil, climatic factors, market trends, etc. have emerged as essential elements which have paved the way for the growth of the organic apparel industry and now it is garnering benefits and fortifying the industry’s landscape. 

Organic apparel not only protects skin and health but the planet as well as it is anti-pesticide and free of chemical fertilizers, whereas the non-organic fiber has life-threatening chemicals and hazardous effects on health as well as the environment. Due to rising health and climate change awareness among people, organic apparel has reached new heights and is here to stay forever. As the Environment protection Agency quotes, using such damaging chemicals is one of the major factors in increasing cases of cancer. Opting for organic apparel makes sure that humans display kindness towards other living beings on the planet. 

Let’s take an example; Non-organic cotton is responsible for the consumption of 16 percent of the world’s total production of insecticides and around 7 percent of it is pesticides, which is a disappointing fact. 

Dominant Factors Behind the Rise in the Organic Apparel Market in India

The major factor behind the growing demands for organic apparel is its benefits, production rate in many states, employment opportunity, awareness among customers, etc. 

Texture and Comfort - The populace of the 21st century is concerned about their comfort and health more than ever. With the wide range of varieties and levels of comfort stepping in, people are getting inclined towards the fabric, texture, comfort, and the impact it has on the environment. According to industry experts and designers, organic clothes help to detoxify the body and reduce stress. As it is a non-synthetic and breathable fiber, it conserves natural resources and treats farmers and nature fairly. 

Creating Employment - The textile industry of India has always been predominantly organic cotton-based. As per Business Standard, the textile industry is considered to be the 2nd largest sector to produce employment and India has seen exponential growth in the cotton industry in the past consecutive four decades. 

Cotton-Growing States - Ahmedabad (Gujarat) is known as Manchester of India, a cotton-growing area of the city that is famous for its cotton textile production. Mumbai is another one of the largest cotton-growing cities in India. The key factors which make these cities stand ahead of others in producing cotton textile are their humid climate, cheap labor, and the port facility. It is easier to do the production anywhere in India provided energy and proximity water supply is available for dyeing.

Summing up

The market trends and growing consciousness among people regarding health and the environment have exponentially influenced the development pace of organic apparel in India.  It is a promising market which will gain more significance and popularity in the future years. The spurt in the consumption of organic products in the textile industry is a catalyst behind the positive growth in the organic apparel market in India. Overall, an organic clothing market is a commitment to standing for the wellness of all living beings and nature as well.  

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