Why Beauty Brands are Betting Big on Sustainability
Why Beauty Brands are Betting Big on Sustainability

If you are dealing in personal care and beauty, natural is as good for business as it is for the planet. The sinking in of this realization on the part of consumers as well as brands over the past few years has ushered in a phenomenal change in the behavior of both. 

As per a pre-pandemic study conducted in 2018 by Euromonitor, an international market research platform for consumer products, commercial industries, demographic trends, and consumer lifestyle, among the top hair care product launches globally in the year, green and natural products were up by at least 55 percent. It is only obvious to adjudge that the number would be on a much higher side in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact a number of studies conducted regarding the space around the globe manifest that beauty brands are without an iota of doubt betting big on sustainability and nature-oriented solutions. But what are the catalysts behind this evolution in the trend?

Environment Concerns

While economically the numbers pertaining to the cosmetics sector are encouraging, they cause concern when it comes to the environment. If we go by the statistics, conventional cosmetic production leads to more than 10,000 POPs aka Persistent Organic Pollutants, which are highly resistant to degradation, thereby causing harm to both our health and the environment. 

Another major damage caused is the humungous volume of plastic waste. From microspheres present in soaps and exfoliating creams - already banned in some countries like the US - to cartridges and packaging, all these are usually discarded carelessly, resulting in garbage problems in cities and pollution in the oceans.

Evidently, the current trends in favor of natural and organic personal care solutions suggest that more and more brands have of late been adhering to the cause of protecting the environment. 

Changing Consumer Profile

The consumer profile too has evolved with the passage of time, as they are more demanding and looking for brands that bother about sustainability. 

With the increased penetration of the internet and smartphones, just like in India, people now have access to more information and products. Through various influencers and other platforms, they are gaining adequate information about the boons and banes of different products. 

It is somewhat like Surya Brasil’s journey for the past 25 years, wherein the word of mouth endorsement of its products has helped the brand to cater to customers in the US for 24 years and in Japan for 18 years and today it is present on all continents. It has reached them also through shelves at stores like Wholefoods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shop, etc.

What's more interesting is that pandemic is not the sole driver for the increased interest in natural products. A February 2018 Google survey titled 'Power Natural: Living Intensely but with Health' showed an overall growth of 70 percent in searches with the term ‘natural’ and 55 percent in the term ‘healthy’. Returning to the world of beauty, the study showed that 44 percent of Brazilian women mixed natural ingredients in the hair products they used, seeking greater effectiveness.

The consumer today is more demanding and looking for brands that are concerned with the issue of sustainability. Moreover, the companies also are aware of this new consumer profile. Products without salt, parabens, toluene, and various chemicals that harm the environment or cause allergies and other health problems are the need of the hour. 

Surya Brasil’s commitment is to develop 100 percent vegan cosmetics, based on the principles of Ayurveda, exotic fruits, and herbs from the Amazon Rainforest, combined with plants from India. Needless to say, all these incredible ingredients also need to be combined with the right technology.

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