5 Trends Shaping the Personal Care and Grooming Industry
5 Trends Shaping the Personal Care and Grooming Industry

Gone are the days when cosmetics and grooming products were a hallmark of a lady's beauty, and it was 'unmanly' for men to even think about getting a makeover. Today's modern gentlemen are tough yet sensitive, and with blurring societal roles assigned to men and women, the grooming industry is creating a new avatar for men. While the grooming industry is flooded with eco-friendly, responsible, and cruelty-free products for women, the focus has also shifted to the men's market.

This new revolution in grooming is expected to keep growing stronger and the scales are tipping towards gentlemen. Besides the growing awareness about self-care amongst both genders, technology and innovation now dominate the modern beauty and grooming market. Not only has the industry begun to emphasize and showcase safe and hygienic grooming products, but the spotlight is gradually turning to producing technologically advanced grooming accessories and cosmetics. 

According to a recent report by Statista, the beauty and personal care market was worth $22,338 million in 2021 and is expected to grow by 6.5 percent per annum (CAGR 2021-2026 estimations). In addition, it also states that the male grooming industry will be worth $81.2 billion by the year 2024. 

Here are some prominent trends that will revamp the beauty and grooming industry in the near future.
The Sudden Influx of Technology in Grooming and Beauty - Technology is changing how people approach self-care, from personalized beauty kits to ultra-tech trimmers and revolutionized skincare treatments. E-commerce cosmeceutical sellers don't just sell any product but thoroughly query consumers on their skin types and skin concerns before offering a personalized set of routine solutions. They use artificial intelligence to achieve this, wherein a computer automatically chooses and suggests products based on pre-fed algorithms. As another example, hairstyling has also traded to the next level by dropping the old hot-iron technology to curl or straighten hair. In a newer avatar, styling tools now use cool air and the Coanda effect, which creates a mini-vortex inside the styler and curls the hair to your liking without burning them. When Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter, introduced his shaving range, he took an unprecedented marketing step by using blockchain technology. His products can be purchased using the company's cryptocurrency. It doesn't stop here; the skincare treatments have progressed, wherein dermatologists now offer high-tech solutions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They also help restore skin volume using advanced dermabrasion lasers, intense pulsating lights, and needleless injectors.
The Phenomenal Rise of Painless Hair Removal Solutions - Thanks to the metrosexual trend, hair removal is no longer restricted to women alone. Shaving remains the most painless and quickest way of hair removal, with the only downside being that the hair grows back again. While some from the feminine gender might rid them completely using permanent and painless outpatient laser procedures, men prefer to retain an option to grow them back. There is also a trend wherein young men tend to grow facial hair. Due to this peculiar liking, we have transitioned from a mere pair of scissors and traditional razors to a technologically advanced world of painless electric trimmers and shavers. From being virtually non-existent, the Indian trimmer market would value $ 4,311 million by 2026, which is a massive development. The new trimmers are ergonomic, automatically adjust pressures, and glide on the skin smoothly, offering a quick hair removal solution. We can even control some trimmers through mobile applications that deliver a smooth and pain-free shave.
Safety and Hygiene are Becoming a Selling Point - Self-care is probably as old as humankind, and in earlier generations, people used dangerous substances like a mixture of lead and vinegar on the face as makeup. In contrast to this scenario, many prominent Indian brands today sell their products on the premise that their products are paraben and preservative-free, making them entirely safe for use, unlike their competitors. New-age consumers need to know what their makeup comprises, and creating vegan and responsibly manufactured products has become a prominent selling point. Safety has also emerged as the top factor when selling grooming accessories. Moreover, newly emerging companies are introducing trimmers and shavers by employing world-class Swedish and German blade technologies. They build products that ensure zero cuts and offer completely safe hair trimming solutions for both men and women.
Growing Awareness Around the Concept of 'Manscaping' - With the emergence of the new saying that 'hairier is scarier', men are now evolving to keep their private areas smooth and clean. For the first time in 2019, the internet witnessed the usage of a strange word called 'manscaping', and its searches have only risen in the past few years. In a slang dictionary, the word means trimming and keeping the intimate areas clean. As per a recent survey done during the pandemic, both men and women are somewhat irritated and sheepish about the hair growth in intimate areas and prefer to keep these private regions smooth. Most men these days want their gardens down there trimmed, and the use of intimate washes and gels has also surged. While this was not a trend before, maybe the extra time during the pandemic has dawned a new fancy towards 'manscaping'. Unlike the traditional razor blades, the advent of safe and specially designed trimmers for below-the-belt grooming is now assuring zero cuts. We have entered an age where every aspect of personal well-being is essential, even if it involves keeping the wrapped intimate areas trimmed and smelling fresh.
The Arrival of Eco-Friendly Materials in Beauty Products - Grooming essentials are available in all shapes and sizes, and the good news is that now it's not just about manufacturing them with plastic. We have made giant strides towards using eco-friendly products. Various modish Japanese manufacturers have introduced combs, hairbrushes, loofah, toothbrushes, soap dispensers, and even bath accessories made using eco-friendly recycled bamboo. The industry is now cognizant of this being a driving purchasing factor for customers and they are consciously manufacturing makeup, soaps, and personal use creams, perfumes, and serums with guilt-free and biodegradable ingredients. When eco-friendly biodegradable straws weren't considered enough to do their bit for the environment, companies came up with washable and reusable rubber cotton swabs, too. In fact, you might also find certain deodorants in the market that smell stunning and are even edible!
Conclusion: A futuristic Outlook

Grooming has come a long way from its older avatar and the new generation is more inclined towards keep their looks slick – not just to look good but feel good, too. With the expansion of the beauty and grooming industry, the new consumer is more aware and conscious. Not only do they look for safer options, but they are also environmentally sensitive. To meet their demands, manufacturers are seriously experimenting with technology keeping the above five trends at the core of their efforts. These trends have transformed the industry, and this change is to prevail for good. 

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