Future of Carpet Industry and its Challenges in Retail and Commercial Market

Nowadays, carpets serve multiple functions such as beautifying floors, enabling cushioning for stairs, covering floors for comfortable sitting, and enhancing the decor of commercial spaces.
Future of Carpet Industry and its Challenges in Retail and Commercial Market

Good hospitality is centered around exceptional customer experience: how welcome and ‘at home’ they felt at your restaurant/ hotel, how well their requests and inquiries were handled, and how ‘cushy’ and ‘safe’ they felt receiving your services. And when the world is caught in the undertow of a deadly virus, the stakes are higher and the competition tougher as hospitality professionals must deal with novel challenges in providing comfort to their customers by conducting due diligence.

Carpets possess the power to transform regular spaces into an eye-catching spectacle of elegance. While travel was impacted by the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, people have remained on the move. Several restaurants and hotels, which had to cease operations for quite some time due to the growing uncertainty of the situation, have now resumed services with sanitary measures.

Hospitality professionals were affected the worst financially and were left to fend for themselves. But now, there is more preparedness and more people are doing business with essential hygiene protocols in place.

How Carpets Are Helping Create a Safe Space

Nowadays, carpets serve multiple functions such as beautifying floors, enabling cushioning for stairs, covering floors for comfortable sitting and enhancing the décor of commercial spaces. Wall-to-wall carpeting, or using large rugs to covers certain parts of floors are some of the ways commercial workspaces tend to use carpets.

Some ways in which carpets are still helping create safe, hygienic places are:

  • Safe & Hygienic Carpets

Though tiling is still a popular option, carpeting still has a place in the spaces and is not likely to disappear. And if carpets are disinfected properly, they are safe and hygienic to use. It’s crucial to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting here, as the former removed dirt and impurities locked inside while the latter kills germs on the surface subsequent to cleaning. Moreover, as guests prefer the flooring to be soft underfoot, rather than being clinical, carpet tiles can be used in this case as a canvas for creating seamless and smooth visual cues. These promote social distance and encourage safe traffic patterns. 

  • Acoustic Properties

Carpets help absorb sound due to their acoustic properties. Overlay or inset area rugs make positive contributions to the acoustics of a space. Flooring without carpets negatively causes noise between guestrooms. Overlay area rugs are a highly preferred option as they can be easily replaced and be cleaned thoroughly. This way carpets help create a safe space, which has become crucial now for promoting individual wellbeing.

  • Effective Functional Specifications

Interior spaces are using a combination of flooring types, chosen specifically to ensure an aesthetic appeal, health and safety, ease of maintenance, and overall high performance in the whole space. When deciding the selection of flooring, the primary consideration is that the functional performance of the flooring must match users’ requirements for a specific facility and purpose.

  • Modular Carpets

Historically modular carpets have been used primarily in the corporate commercial sector but with the increasing sophistication of design capable tufting machines, more extensive solution-dyed yarn palettes, and cushion backing systems, modular carpets now offer the broad decorative appeal and underfoot comfort characteristics preferred by leading interior designers for use in various commercial workspaces.

Summing Up

Through innovative designs, carpets offer the perfect way for integrating the concept of subconscious nudge. Available in multiple colors, structures, patterns, quality, and shapes, the right choice of carpets can help improve breathing for visitors, as well as the overall environment of the space. Therefore, when selecting a carpet, one must focus on not only the aesthetics but even the eco-benefits that it can offer. 

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