How Personal Care Brands have Grown During the Pandemic

This elevated focus on self-care has caused a swelling demand for D2C and personal care brands.
How Personal Care Brands have Grown During the Pandemic

Over a year has passed with Covid leaving us to lead the new prophylactic life. In fact, the new normal has turned out to be a better normal for the world in terms of personal care and growth. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to slow down and take a glance at our self-care and wellness routines. Besides, with enough time given to spend indoors, we all are experimenting and indulging in different personal care and grooming products at our own convenience and comfort. 

This elevated focus on self-care has caused a swelling demand for D2C and personal care brands. Also, has brought new trends in the responses from consumers and has created innovative products for consumers based on these trends. 

The first wave of the pandemic presented several logistical challenges due to a complete lockdown imposed by the government. It was not possible to ship products, however, within a few months there was a certain level of stability and the logistics process became smoother. There was also a great customer connection that was maintained and this helped in recovering from the COVID-turbulence during the first wave. 

Subsequently, brands like mCaffeine saw a growth of two and a half times compared to pre-COVID without even launching a new product or channel which speaks a lot about how fortunate mCaffeine as a brand is, to have such a strong consumer connection. We have been growing aggressively in the past two financial years. In the last two years, we have grown twelve times with respect to the revenue and this year too we expect to grow three times more from the last financial year.

At this point, with such vast beauty and personal care market and ever-changing consumer needs, it gets tough to make a place for yourself in an industry that is this highly competitive. But as a personal care brand, innovation plays a very crucial role because people are looking for self-care products that will help solve the problems that they may be faced with when it comes to their skincare regime. Needless to say, innovation has been our core idea for development through this process. In fact, our coffee bean-shaped bathing bars top our innovation list. 

Fa personal care brand, understanding data, and consumer behavior give insights in helping with creating innovative products as well as reaching out to a broader audience. We at mCaffeine are very focused on this new way of consumption which is completely digital-led. So, we continue to grow ourselves in a similar space across all the channels we work with, along with our website, with new technologies and advancements. We try to work very closely with our partners like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, etc to leverage the resources and get the most out of our efforts.

And needless to say, we constantly keep working on expanding different horizons for our own platform since our website is one of our major contributors. Online has been and will always be a primary source of distribution for us.

Going forward, we will continue to grow aggressively in the online ecosystem, maintaining the awareness and relevance of the brand to the consumers. And with launches ahead in the year, we will continue to delve deeper into the existing channels of distribution. To do so, we plan to test waters with new upcoming internet-only models for distribution.

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