How Women's Footwear Brands can Increase Sales
How Women's Footwear Brands can Increase Sales

Problem: Most footwear is uncomfortable. The comfortable ones are bulky and not fashionable as per international design standards. The problem is more serious in women’s heels and platforms.

Solution: Stimulate Designs can help brands sell habit-changing footwear which brings repeat sales. After years of research, we have invented the world’s most comfortable insole system for heels and platforms. Our patented insole is made with high-performance plastic paired with NASA-grade dual-layer cushioning which results in uniform pressure distribution. This increases the shoe comfort by 2X, which means if one could wear conventional heels for 3-4 hrs then she can wear the Stimulate heels for 6-8 hrs.

Stimulate Designs takes care of all the details for its B2B customers (the footwear brands and retailers). We develop the perfect shoe last, design the entire collection as per the brand aesthetics and requirement, add comfort by an optimum selection of all components, sample development, production & QC at a very affordable price. This gives time to brands and retailers to focus on their core i.e. effective marketing and sales of their products.

Stimulate Designs’ diverse team comprises of finest professionals like material scientists, biomechanists, mechanical engineers, visual designers, and footwear technicians - all from top institutes who have contributed their knowledge in building this Innovation. Though we started with the biggest pain point: uncomfortable heels as our first project but we plan to make comfortable components for fashion flats, shoes, slippers, and other footwear categories in the future.

For the present insole innovation, our patent is already granted in India and Europe and we have further applied for a patent in other countries. Our business model globally is to do technology transfer to production partners abroad so that they can design and manufacture ‘Stimulate products’ and in exchange, we earn royalties on the sales they make.

Stimulate Designs is now open to take footwear orders in India for the first time. We have a couple of bulk order requests from popular Indian brands and retailers and we are excited to serve them.

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