Is Fine Jewelry Rentals the Next Big Thing
Is Fine Jewelry Rentals the Next Big Thing

Jewelry as we all know is a best friend to anyone with great aesthetic, taste, and love for flamboyance. It has been instrumental in fostering any family’s social and security status while adding the much-needed grandeur to the beauty of one who wore it. As a part of any bridal trousseau, a bride would take the most important things that would help her build a life in her new home. It would comprise of her choicest of clothes, dhurrie that she handcrafted on her own, and of course ornaments that will lay down the foundation of her new beginning.

But these days a dynamic shift has happened with the rise in awareness. People have started to realize the negative impact of the jewelry crafting business, and also with the advent of digital currency, it isn’t the best investment too. The planet’s health is more important than our luxury to decorate ourselves, and the sanity of this thought has finally started to seep in. Moreover with ever-changing fashion and style, even more so in this Instagrammable world where attention span has reduced and things change with every scroll, people are more experimentative than ever.

This has given rise to a new way of wearing your fashion, the rental way. Not that rental was never there in the picture, right from renting a home to clothes to now furniture or anything under the sun, the rental lifestyle is becoming bigger and grander. Now people are open to even renting clothes or jewelry, yes you heard it right!

The rental market, especially in the jewelry category, has been on a boom for a couple of years now. Brides don’t really care about wearing the heirloom jewels left by their ancestors. Now it is all about matching the dream outfit with the best of jewels, whether bought or rented. Not saying that the heirloom jewels don’t hold any importance, of course, they do as they connect you to your roots and history, but not really on the wedding day. Wedding day is all about a bride and her grandeur!

Now there are more than one reasons for the rise of rental jewelry and some of them we will cover in this article.

There are many other reasons why rental is better than buying, or at least it is worth your attention:

Economic Reasons: Buying a Rs 75,000 Kundan set for your wedding isn't the best investment that you can make if you don't like heavy sets. In fact, if you rent these, it will cost you not more than 8,000 for 4 days and you can use the rest of the money on experiences. There's always an opportunity cost attached to any purchase, renting can help you save that cost altogether!

Practical Reasons: We all don't like to wear jewelry in our day-to-day life. In fact in Indians jewelry is more like an investment, buying gold is auspicious. Investments give great returns, but they might not make any sense to fashion. Once you buy a jewelry set, neither that set will go with your every outfit nor you'd want to repeat that too often. In this case, renting becomes the perfect choice. You choose the best heavy or chic jewelry from us, without committing to it. Consider it as a fling!

Sustainable Choice: Rental lifestyle is definitely more sustainable. When you rent you increase the lifespan of a product making it slow. Most of the brands are fast fashion brands, and they indulge in mass production. All luxury handbag brands burn their unsold products. With the rental lifestyle not only the demand will be lesser but also the product's life will increase making it slow in nature. With a rental lifestyle, you can slay in style without slaying the planet.

Experiment: Experimenting is great, but it comes at a cost especially when accessories and that too designer accessories are concerned. The jewelry that you buy you might not want to wear the next year or it might go out of fashion. Renting accessories provides the best hack to experiment with style without it costing you a bomb.

Buying Requires Commitment: Especially when jewelry is involved, buying is a whole lot of commitment in terms of money and utility. Most of the time we mindlessly splurge in the name of retail therapy and then regret it for the very reason. Renting is like no strings attached, you use the jewelry, style it and return it. 

Rental jewelry, although being a hot affair these days, isn’t really an organized market. Every city or town has multiple artificial jewelry rental stores which see a peak in the demand during wedding season. Now since there are only so many shops and many many weddings, a bride has to book the jewelry well in advance if she really wants to capture her dream wedding look and bring it to reality. This planning is to be done well in advance, as the best pieces get booked out really fast. With such offline stores, jewelry needs to be picked up on the wedding day and returned the very next morning, which is another hassle for the bride and her family.

To aid these factors, now online rental stores have come up. With them, one can easily book their jewelry from the comfort of their own home. These new age start-ups are also giving the luxury of time by providing these beautiful jewels for 4 days minimum at a similar price point even. From Kundan to polki to American diamonds, one can find something here that they love! Whatever your wedding outfit, you can easily rent out designer jewels befitting and complementing it, that too without having to go shopping in the scorching heat!

Renting jewelry is here to stay, and with online rental jewelry options such as rent n flaunt, it is only becoming more and more convenient to get designer jewelry for your big day! Above all things renting or such an alternative consumption lifestyle should definitely be explored and is the need of the hour. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, and we all have a responsibility to lessen the impact. A rental lifestyle also makes you mindful, and that helps you make better choices, fashion or otherwise!

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