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If you think women are shopping fanatics? Think again!  With people becoming more fashionistas, men are no longer behind women in terms of shopping. Men too have their preferences and

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Most of us would consider the ramp to be a place where we picture beautiful models walking, wearing exclusive designer wear. Well, not anymore. With coming in of modern retail, a lot has changed in

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Travel and television, the two incredibly influential mediums today, are making people aware and conscious of the trends prevalent the world over. The cosmetics industry being one of them is valued

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How often has it happened that you’re watching a movie and you see a familiar brand name? Collaborating with movies to promote a brand, with movie-makers also getting to campaign for their

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Even though many companies have the financial clout to weather this slowdown, overall confidence remains dented.  In such a scenario it is imperative that retail organisations look for

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The liquor market in India is getting a smarter make-up with leading liquor brands making foray into retail industry and organised retailers showing interest in including liquor as one of the

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Indian jewellery industry has witnessed a rapid transformation during the past few years especially in luxury jewellery retail market which is expected to gear up its current share of 4 per cent to

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PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates suggest that the Indian retail sector is worth USD350 billion and is growing at over 20 percent per annum. India, as compared to other countries, has been

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Forerunners Retail house like Future Group’s book and music chain, known by the name of Depot has adopted a policy of converting its stand-alone-stores to shop-in-shop within Big Bazaar.

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The retailing sector of India is showing a rapid metamorphosis when coming to retail women’s intimate wear, which is evident from the entry of large international brands in the market in

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 It is always a pleasure to own a set of quality stationery. Fashionable and modern writing equipments are a matter of pride to the owner. Durability and endurance coupled with good quality is

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